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Is it easy to overdose on Klonopin?

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9 Nov 2014

I have taken a bottle of .5 mg with a load of trileptal and almost a full bottle of benedryl with different pain meds and still woke up. Thought I was dying but still woke up. I don't know what it's gonna take.

Hannibal Lector 17 Mar 2015

What? Are you wanting to die?

sickofkemo 5 Sep 2015


28 Feb 2012

Absolutely it is. I have. If you take more than 2a you have overdosed and lots of bad things can happen. With Klonopin it is most likely to get dangerously violent and incoherant. Add memory lapse to that and you've got yourself an effed stew.

anjeegyrl 29 Feb 2012

If you take more than 2a? I didn't understand this...

Pixley 1 Mar 2012

This GreenMommy character is all over the map, so I wouldn't put too much stock in what she says. Most of her answers don't make sense, and a lot of the ones that do are just plain wrong. She claims she's a nurse, but from what I've read, she has no clue what she's talking about when it comes to medicine. Oh, and she also claims that she's been on pretty much every drug that people ask about... so if that's true, she's probably not all there! ANYWAY, it depends on how many milligrams you have taken, not "if you take more than 2"... LOL!

24 Jul 2015

I've read some of the answers and frankly they're a bit Scary like people deliberately taking too many clonazepam.

21 Jun 2015

Jesus Christ people. Do you really think this is a good conversation to have on a HELP forum? I can't believe this thread wasn't removed before it had a chance to have any answers!! Everything written here is opinion and hearsay. BigBakerMan, if you feel your dose is too high, tell your doctor. Don't take as much. If you came here for other reasons, I think the whole thing should stop here.

9 Mar 2012

Yes it is easy to overdose on ! I have a very dear friend that goes on "binges" . Takes @ seven or eight .5mg..then can't remember how many he took he proceeds to take five or six more. Then I have the honor of watching him weave and sway, slur his speech, drool, become irrate over a cat hair on his shoe, and finally pass out in a chair snoring very loud..then quit breathing for seconds intermittedly ! Be careful.


2 Mar 2012

Hello BigBakerMan. Yes, it can be. Clonazepam non generic Klonopin is a long acting benzodiazepine. It has a very long half life meaning it takes your body, a longer time to get rid of the drug, than say a Xanax might, which is a short lasting Benzodiazepine. Its generally taken two or three times per day. The maxiumn dose is about 25mg. Because the drug stays in your system for so long, taken more of it, say as an example thinking you have not yet taken your dose so you unintentionaly double up. You'd have a lot of Klonopin working through your liver. Add to that, possibly that your body has a severe reaction to the amount of Klonopin in your body, that could involve a drop in blood pressure, might be very dangerous. Best of wishes,pledge

1 Oct 2014

No, im 115lbs and have taken 12mg, 24- 0.5mg pills in 6hrs. I was really, really intoxicated and slept for 24hrs, but still alive

23 Jun 2015

Hello all,


1 Nov 2014

No its not easy at all. Im not a health care provider. But im prescribed 6 mg a day and once took my whole months worth within a half hour. You do the math on the mg dose that was. Woke up the next day just feeling really out of it. If you dont believe the story, I really dont care

cristinakj70 10 Dec 2014

I believe you.

Akg1229 17 Sep 2015

I believe you same thing happened to me.

4 Jul 2015

Yes very possible , although k pins are the stronger benzodiapines

5 Dec 2014

Three weeks ago I took over 1 1/2 bottle of clonazapram. It was over three full hand fulls. Within mins I remember getting very dizzy & going to lie down, in the hopes to never wake, but someone came over shortly after & I spent three days in ICU but cannot remember the first two days.

aluca727 3 Mar 2015

Did you lose any limbs? Anything changed since you woke up? Mentally and physically how did you feel? How long was it until someone found you? How long does the drug have to be in your system before any real damage occurs if you didn't succeed?

5 Mar 2012

Actually benzodiazepines are difficult to overdose on. That is to say overdose leading to permanent harm. It is possible however to fall asleep for such a length of time that you cut off circulation to a limb or other body part - bad news. don't risk it.

coffylover 4 Feb 2014

I mean all due respect with this reply, but: Overdosing on benzodiazepines is indeed possible, and sadly, not all that difficult. I'm no doctor, but I personally experienced a freakishly low blood pressure after overdosing on Klonopin... So low, in fact, that the hospital asked my family (and myself, in stupor) if we wanted a priest to come give last rites. Not an easy experience.

I definitely agree with you about the very real risk of injury by falling asleep / passing out / falling while on Klonopin. Even at low doses, people really need to monitor (or have a trusted person monitor) how they react to prescribed doses, PRNs, etc.

Safe wishes & good thoughts to you all!

VincentBohn 25 May 2014

I have heard this many times, and you are sort of right, and sort of wrong. It isn't hard to overdose on benzo's, but it does take quite a lot. I am speaking from personal experiance. I overdosed on Valium and was very close to death. The doctors were extremely confused on how I was still alive. But then again, I took 100mg throughout the day, and still lived.

23 Nov 2013

Google LD50 Clonazepam - you will find out how difficult it is to OD fatally on it.

Enyjay 23 May 2014

What is LD50 clonazepam mean?

LD50 it's an abbreviation for lethal dose, 50%. It is the median lethal dose that would kill half of the members of a tested population. It's a general indicator of a substance's acute toxicity. This also means that LD50 is not the lethal dose for all subjects; some may be killed by much less, while others survive doses far higher than the LD50. Lethal dosage often varies depending on the method of administration; for instance, many substances are less toxic when administered orally than when intravenously administered. For this reason, LD50 figures are often qualified with the mode of administration, e.g., "LD50 i.v. LD50 is usually determined by tests on animals such as laboratory mice.

8 Jan 2015

It's easier to OD on aspirin or tylenol then klonopin. But this does not stop the on going benzo phobia.

20 Jun 2015

I took over 20 2mg clonepin the other day. I was dizzy and a bit out of it. The next day I slept all day. Suffice to say, I think you can od with 60 to 80 if you horde some of your supply. More painless than jumping off a bridge.

sickofkemo 5 Sep 2015

I have other stuff I can mix it

Exit meds 15 Oct 2015

Go into a vet store in Mexico get two bottles of pentobarbital and also get an anti-emetic at pharmacy so you don't vomit up the pentobarbital and you will fall asleep for good (die). Do at your own peril. I neither recommend nor dissuade this course of action. It's just to say it's effective.

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