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How long will risperiDONE (2mg) disolving tablet side effects last?

I have been taking risperiDONE (2mg) disintegrating tablets because I have schizophrenia and have been taking it for less than a month and it's causing me to have major panic ...

Posted 4 days ago 3 answers

Related support groups: schizophrenia, risperidone, panic disorder, side effect, tablet, anxiety, schizoaffective disorder

Second week of contrave, and the nausea is debilitating. .?

Any helpful hints? Yes, I love the "freedom from food" that it gives me; but oh, the nausea is devastating! I feel as if I am constantly going to hurl; I can't ...

Posted 5 days ago 3 answers

Related support groups: nausea/vomiting, food, contrave, obesity

How do I ween off gabapentin shortly after I started taking gabapentin. I have had trouble with my?

... balance, could it be from gabapentin. I take 2 300mg twice a day. I even fell and broke my foot.

Posted 5 days ago 3 answers

Related support groups: gabapentin, vertigo, balance

Weight gain antidepressants?

Does anyone know of a antidepressant for PMDD and OCD (mainly intrusive thoughts) that does not cause weight gain?

Posted 4 days ago 2 answers

Related support groups: premenstrual dysphoric disorder, weight, obsessive compulsive disorder, obesity, antidepressant

Does Lamictal Affects Hormone Levels?

Greetings, I started Lamictal a couple of weeks ago as an add on to Wellbutrin XR. I also believe I was prescribed Lamictal as mood stabilizer as well since I’m titrating ...

Posted 5 days ago 3 answers

Related support groups: lamictal, wellbutrin, hormone, dosage, prescription, bipolar disorder, depression, major depressive disorder, ...

How do you know Zoloft is starting to work?

Was wondering if anyone could share with me what they noticed when zoloft started working for them? Was it small tiny improvements at first or was it a significant difference one ...

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Related support groups: zoloft, depression, major depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, ...

Metronidazole - Can someone explain this medication to me?

My wife of 22yrs started experiencing itching in the vagina area. She thought it was a yeast infection. Her doctor told her it was a std. Ive never slept around and this whole ...

Posted 7 days ago 3 answers

Related support groups: infections, metronidazole, pruritus, sexually transmitted diseases, doctor, medication, yeast infection, ...

Is it possible to build up a resistance to vistaril?

Have been taking 100 or 150 mgs. mg. at night for sleep. Would I ever build up a resistance to the dose?

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Related support groups: vistaril, sleep disorders, sleep, dosage, sleep disorder

Is 0.5mg of risperidone considered a lot?

I have read about the side effects however if 0.5mg isn't seen as a lot then should I be worried? Also my doctor said this trial will only last 3 weeks.

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Related support groups: risperidone, side effect, anxiety, paranoid disorder, schizoaffective disorder

Food reaction with venlafaxine?

Is there a chance that when you eat certain things with venlafaxine er it can cause uncontrollable body movement because I ate a milk chocolate Hershey bar and I ended up spacing ...

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Related support groups: venlafaxine, food, reaction

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