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Menstruation - Had an unprotected intercourse last aug.1 2014. But until now august 4 2014, I didnt?

... take nordette. Is it still effective if I take nordette tomorrow? :( im so afraid. Please answer my question. Thankyou!

Posted 4 Aug 2014 1 answer

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Bipolar Disorder - Having a very hard time bouncing back emotionally from problems...anyone else?

Hi... according to the Drs. I suffered from a Psychotic Break two years ago... I am 47 yrs. old, and for 30 yrs. they diagnosed me as having "Major Depression... " Once ...

Posted 4 days ago 6 answers

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Hi my sister had a really bad pain in her head and she says that it`s her brain hurts,what is this?

her blood Pressure is always low and her hands shake always and sometimes she`ll fall on the floor or even faint.

Posted 5 days ago 4 answers

Related support groups: pain, shakes, blood pressure, brain, blood, pressure

Keppra - My wife was diagnosed with simple partial seizure in May 2014?

She began taking keppra May 2014 500mg twice a day. it worked great for 2 mos, with drowsiness being the only side effect. its now August 2014 and the keppra isn't working, ...

Posted 4 days ago 2 answers

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What is the best way to go about seeking specific information about a particular drug?

I need specific details for each drug I list. For Example: I need all of the following for each of these drugs. Lipitor, Nexium, Plavix, Advair Diskus, Seroquel. Chemical Name, ...

Posted 4 days ago 3 answers

Related support groups: advair diskus, lipitor, nexium, plavix, seroquel, advair hfa

Sertraline - I take 200mg of sertaline daily, 50mg bupropion and 100mg tramadol (four times a day)?

I take 200mg of sertaline daily, 50mg bupropion and 100mg tramadol (four times a day) all prescribed and supplied by the VA and have had no adverse side effects. Any thoughts?

Posted 4 days ago 3 answers

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Two weeks on Prozac, was improving but?

I seem to have slipped back. I suffer from health anxiety with scary thoughts that I can sometimes rationalize away, but then they creep back in quickly from another angle. Have ...

Posted 4 days ago 2 answers

Related support groups: prozac, anxiety, health, anxiety and stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder

I'm really nervous to start prozac 10mg. Any good advice before beginning this antidepressant?

I was on paxil for about three years when I felt it wasn't working anymore so I weaned off and tried to see if I could be without any medication and bam it came back worse ...

Posted 7 days ago 4 answers

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Numb legs due to back pain?

Hi everyone :) I'm sorry we are all dealing with back pain... I'm curious to know if anyone has suffered from numb legs due to back pain? I have an MRI at the end of ...

Posted 6 days ago 5 answers

Related support groups: pain, back pain, mri

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