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I'm trying to get pregnant?

Now that I have finally removed the ring and still having unprotected sex, how soon can I get pregnant? Also, my period is trying to come on. It ...

Posted 16 minutes ago 0 answers

Is it normal to miss two periods after plan b?

My boyfriend and I had protected sex but the condom tore soo I took plan b on may 4th about 12 hours after the incident then on may 9th I got my ...

Posted 40 minutes ago 0 answers

I need a different antidepressant drug because Zoloft stopped?

I spent last week in a psych hospital and the doc put me on wellbutrin which made my tongue swell and my lips swell. I needed 2 shots of epi and now ...

Posted 40 minutes ago 0 answers

How many doses are in 5g tube of testim?

Posted 1 hour 1 minute ago 0 answers

Lamictal lift brain fog/fuzzy?

recent dx Bipolar which i am not sure i agree with. My one Major symptom and complaint is Brain Fog. I cannot think clear, my brain wont focus. 1000 ...

Posted 1 hour 17 minutes ago 0 answers

Prn dryeye omega vs similar components in less expensive med?

My eye Dr. suggest prn dry eye omega brand. I need similar components in less expensive drug.

Posted 2 hours 9 minutes ago 0 answers

What can I do if I have major pain and fluid retention on my left ankle for past two weeks?

I have a large lump of fluid on the ankle joint, that is very painful to the touch and has bruising. I have weakness in that joint and a cold oozing ...

Posted 2 hours 11 minutes ago 0 answers

Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim - Should I eat something first before taking sulfamethoxazole?

I was precribed sulfamethoxazole because I had a boil and the nurses lanced it open and afterwards prescribed me sulfamethoxazole to keep down from ...

Posted 2 hours 51 minutes ago 0 answers

Escitalopram - I need some support:(?

Hi I've been on lexapro for 22 days now, I started with 5mg for a week than 7.5mg for a week and than 10mg and that's where I am now. I ...

Posted 3 hours 11 minutes ago 0 answers

Modafinil - How long does it take to work?

I've taken this for three days and the only thing that is different is the awful headache. Is there a specific period of time before this starts ...

Posted 3 hours 46 minutes ago 0 answers

Nortriptyline - Jittery and Chest Pain?

Is it normal to have chest pain and tightness after taking my first pill last night? It worries me and is making me more paranoid/anxious. I'm ...

Posted 4 hours 9 minutes ago 0 answers

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