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On the pill and got my period 1 week early?

So I started getting cramps 1 week before my period which is normal, until I went to the washroom and saw that I got it --- I've been on ...

Posted 24 Nov 2014 1 answer

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Neuroflexyn Side Effects?

Are their any negative side effects from taking Neuroflexyn? Is it good to take Neuroflexyn over prolonged periods of time?

Posted 27 Dec 2014 1 answer

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Anxiety and Stress - This is the third med I have tried for deppression and anxiety, only been on?

... Effexor xl for one week, Anxiety bad every day, I also take clozapine to help. Why aren't I feeling any better with any thing I have tried. ...

Posted 22 hours ago 5 answers

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What other sleeping pills can I take? I can't work if I don't sleep!?

Hi all, I've had insomnia for years, but it's been getting worse because I know how important sleep is. I don't function well on ...

Posted 10 hours ago 3 answers

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Hello, I'm happy to have found this Wellbutrin support group because I have a question about side?

... effects of the drug. Years ago, I was on a combo of Zoloft (for depression) and Wellbutrin (added to counteract sexual side effects). The combo ...

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago 4 answers

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BuSpar - Is it helping me I dunno is it too early to tell?

I started on buspar a few days ago yesterday after the morning dose wore off I was feeling full anxiety, took my next dose at bedtime while the ...

Posted 24 hours ago 3 answers

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Why do they recommend not taking gabopentin if it has been cut for a few days?

I tried 600 mg which was too much. I cut it to 300 mg which was also too much. Now I am cutting it into fourths for 150 mg and still I get extremely ...

Posted 20 hours ago 3 answers

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2 weeks on Prozac, feeling more anxious than before I began?

Have phoned doctor who didn't seem too sure what to tell me so just said to double the dosage from 20 to 40 mg for two weeks and come back to ...

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago 3 answers

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Gabapentin - How can I get manufacturers of neurotin help with cost? I'm on 2400mgs a day and the?

... prices keep rising. HELP

Posted 2 hours 20 minutes ago 2 answers

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I am looking for a GOOD pain management Doctor in St.Louis Mo?

Hello, i am new here and in need of immediate help. I am disabled and due to the new healthcare rules my insurance was changed and with that i have ...

Posted 3 hours 25 minutes ago 2 answers

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Valtrex - What else can I take that can help take away outbreaks?

I contracted genial herpes from a boyfriend about 8 months ago & I've had 6 outbreaks since then. When I found out I contracted it, I was ...

Posted 4 hours 59 minutes ago 2 answers

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My 17 y.o. daughter was switched to camila when she was diagnosed with migraines with aura. I was?

... wondering if Camila could be making her migraines worse? She had a "new onset daily chronic migraine" which began 9/15/14 and ...

Posted 16 hours ago 2 answers

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7 year old taking antihistimine & Flonase every night for stuffed nose?

My 7 year old granddaughter is stuffy all the time. She's given antihistimine & Flonase every night before bed. I'm concerned about the ...

Posted 21 hours ago 2 answers

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Will gabapentine pass a dot physical?

Posted 1 day 21 hours ago 3 answers

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