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Has anyone here experienced permanent damage from levaquin?

I had diverticulitis and my doctor gave me levaquin and flagyl. I've read some scary stories about levaquin, but I was so sick, I just took it ...

Posted 8 days ago 11 answers

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Depression - Has anyone here had a positive experience to share about Levaquin? I need to know that?

... there are people who have been helped by Levaquin. I have heard many negative "scare stories" and bad experiences that people have had, ...

Posted 4 days ago 8 answers

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My son has a bad sore throat, so today he took 1 500MG Amoxicillin pill. What should I do?

He did not go see the doctor, but everyone says that Amoxiclllin is the right answer. I searched up information online,and he took 1 pill. He felt ...

Posted 1 day 22 hours ago 3 answers

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Similar antidepressants to the ones found in Tramadol?

I am 31yrs, male and I am a chronic alcoholic 6L per day wine drinker. I had a severe accident 2yrs ago and was prescribed Tramadol 200mg SR. Since ...

Posted 1 day 13 hours ago 3 answers

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Naproxen - I enjoy a pint any advice would be great?

Hi I'm 27 years old male I started with migraines when I was 15 years old and only just been diagnosed I'm very reluctant to use drugs for ...

Posted 12 hours ago 2 answers

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Can I be pregnant if I had sex the day before and the day after I got my NEXPLANON removed?

I had sex and the day before and after after I got my implant removed and haven't had my period since the day I got my implant removed. Could I ...

Posted 6 hours ago 2 answers

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I want to try Antabuse but am concerned about alcohol scrub I use in hospital... I am a nurse?

I am currently on day 2 of campral and is working well but intrigued of how Antabuse could be more of a deterrent to refrain from drinking... Has ...

Posted 11 hours ago 2 answers

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Why do I keep gaining weight?

I weighed myself in November of 2014 and by February of 2015 I gained over 100 lbs. I got engaged in March and actively tried to lose weight and ...

Posted 1 day ago 1 answer

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Polyethylene Glycol 3350 - I am taking Miralax for fecal loading & constipation. I am looking for?

... information on when to take this in correlation to my many other medications. I cant seem to find anything on how far a part to drink this before ...

Posted 23 hours ago 2 answers

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I am sensitive to nsaids and all meds containing aspiring or ibuprofen. What is on the market or by?

prescription that I can take with joint inflammation and pain that is easy on the stomach?

Posted 4 hours 57 minutes ago 1 answer

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What could it mean when a few of my toes keep locking up or having a spasm?

It gets very painful and usually lasts for about 2 minutes and then stops. Then it happens 3 or 4 more times.

Posted 3 hours 6 minutes ago 1 answer

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Ciprofloxacin - Can it be used to treat spider bites?

Posted 2 hours 35 minutes ago 1 answer

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