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Server dipper rash open sores?

Done over the counter cream done air time done zinc zolfaxs EPC extra protectiv cream but it makes her sores bleed is the any way to sen u pictur so ...

Posted 17 hours ago 3 answers

Ive taken too much and now dizzy and sick?

I was told by my doctor and pharmacist that taking 2 ferro iron tabs at one time was ok and a couple days in ive just read the leaflet stating never ...

Posted 9 hours ago 2 answers

Can you miss multiple doses (4) of levothyroxine without serious side effects?

I won't have a new prescription until next week so I will miss 4 days of this medication which I have never done before. I just want to know ...

Posted 21 hours ago 2 answers

I'm taking revatio 100 mg for ED for over a year now and it's no longer effective. Do I increase my?

... dosage or try another medication. By the way, Im 56 yo and taking hypertension meds and diabetic meds... don_1958

Posted 3 hours 9 minutes ago 1 answer

What is round white pill with 3 on 1 side?

And TV 150 on the other.

Posted 3 hours 5 minutes ago 1 answer

I got off my period on the 26. Had sex on the 27 and 28. He nutted in me on the 28th I took plan b?

... pill.. It's been almost a week now and i have been getting sick and my stomach has gotten big. Can I be pregnant... Help help help!!! Thank ...

Posted 14 hours ago 1 answer

Hydrochlorothiazide and fatigue?

I was prescribed hydrochlorothiazide 25mg about a week ago for hypertensions. Since I have been taking it, I have experienced extreme fatigue. For ...

Posted 1 day 9 hours ago 2 answers

Fentanyl effecting blood pressure and nausea?

Does anyone have an issue with the patch messing with your blood pressure? Been on ot foe about a year now and on the day I change the patch it ...

Posted 13 hours ago 1 answer

Hello my name is alyssa I have a question about my period?

Im 20 yrs old with two kids and my periods have always been irregluar especialy because i am on birth control but they have ALWAYS come but this ...

Posted 1 day 9 hours ago 2 answers

Should I take plan b?

I'm a very paranoid person, so please bare with me. I had sex twice 36 hours ago and I only have a few hours until I can't take plan b ...

Posted 18 hours ago 1 answer

Genital herpes / Cottage cheese discharge?

Hi everyone. 5 years ago I got genital herpes from an ex boyfriend, but since then I havent had any symptom or recurrences. A bit later after the ...

Posted 13 hours ago 1 answer

Birth Control - Hello I just started taking lo loestrin fe. I started the pills the day I began to?

... spot for my regular monthly cycle.. But i noticed that after the second day my spotting stopped completely. I am scheduled to take the third pill ...

Posted 18 hours ago 1 answer

I've been on birth control for over a year and I was on my last placebo pill and had unprotected sex

... and he ejaculated in me. This was 3am Saturday morning. Sunday I would have started taking a new pack of pills however I had no more refills and ...

Posted 17 hours ago 1 answer

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