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Why do I feel so alone?

I have been struggling with depression and anxiety on and off for years now. My doctor recently changed my medication to Effexor as after 5 years of ...

Posted 1 day 8 hours ago 8 answers

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What changed that made Pain Management facilities to not manage pain?

I am not sure what has changed, if its federal, state, DEA or FDA, but something major has changed and there is not one physician from family ...

Posted 7 days ago 5 answers

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I started taking generic Wellbutrin XL (now at 300mg) and generic Buspar (now at 15mg) this?

... year..had to work my way up to it of course. And my hubby is concerned that because so many drugs pose permanent side effect, even if you get off ...

Posted 1 day 7 hours ago 4 answers

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Just Need To Vent... Looking For Inspiration?

Hello, I have been struggling with anxiety, and I guess depression for about... well, I can't remember a time when I wasn't. However, since ...

Posted 21 hours ago 2 answers

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I have left side head ache, tooth pain, eye pain, and tongue pain. it is so severe?

9 months before i had this type of pain and disapears in 20 days. but at the time of 20 days i cried a lot. i never slept. that time i was working ...

Posted 16 hours ago 3 answers

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Bipolar Disorder - I have been on Latuda 80 mg for Bipolar since Jan. 2014, I do feel better but I?

... feel like i don't know how to be happy or content in the present moment, I feel like this dark rain cloud is always hanging over me, I would ...

Posted 11 hours ago 2 answers

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NuvaRing - I skipped my nuva ring last month and was waiting for my next period to start so I can?

... restart the cycle and put my new ring in. I skipped my period I think because my cycle is now off from not being regulated from that month ...

Posted 5 hours ago 2 answers

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Does anyone know a remedy for severe upset stomach caused by trazodone?

Last night I took my trazodone before bed as usual but I think I didn't eat enough or something because I woke up two hours later with insanely ...

Posted 1 day 14 hours ago 2 answers

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Hello if I did miss 2 take triphasil and the following day had sex should I get worry or am safe ,am

... talking aboiut getting pregnant

Posted 10 hours ago 2 answers

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What's it prescribed for?

Posted 12 hours ago 2 answers

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Mekinist - does anyone know what medication will help with the rash?

Posted 2 hours 33 minutes ago 1 answer

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Aphthous Ulcer - Hello! I have had Sutton's Disease for over 14 Years now, it drastically changed?

... my life and so many horrible ways. I saw the tops specialists in the world (Mayo Clinic) and still was not able to find anything to help. I tried ...

Posted 1 day 5 hours ago 2 answers

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Can a man who has high blood pressure & takes rx impregnate or is he 100% sterile?

I am 46 years old ,female , who is involved sexually with a 52 year old male who has extremely high blood pressure and takes medication- I just found ...

Posted 7 hours ago 1 answer

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Amoxicillin cavulanmte &patassium are used for what?

Posted 1 hour 27 minutes ago 1 answer

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