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I am taking Metformin as well as Synthroid and Lisinopril HCTZ?

Lisinopril and Synthroid both influence how Metformin works. Will taking them a few hours apart make a difference? Like Metformin in the morning and ...

Posted 20 hours ago 1 answer

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Missing a dose of 100 mg of sertraline cause vivid night terror?

I missed my dose of 100 mg of sertraline and I had the most vivid night terror ever. It kept coming back worse each time I managed to go back to ...

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago 1 answer

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Can this be skin cancer?

- I've had this mole since I was little. Two days ago it got really itchy, I thought something bit me so I scratched. Today I felt a scab and ...

Posted 4 hours 13 minutes ago 0 answers

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Can a pharmacy tech discuss my prescription with someone else? And this pharmacy tech was off duty?

I met this pharmacy tech a couple years ago through an old co worker they was room mates been around this person maybe a total of two hours but i do ...

Posted 2 hours 34 minutes ago 0 answers

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Oxyfast - I have a pill I found that says 70 on one side and 11 on the other? It's white round?

It's small white and rouND just trying to figure out what it is. Found it in my child's room.

Posted 23 hours ago 1 answer

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New member: sex on the peach pill weeks?

I just started taking Levora-28 this month, but I started taking them on a Tuesday about a week after my period... essentially on my pack, there are ...

Posted 21 hours ago 1 answer

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Levlen - I have been using mini pill due to breastfeeding,the first packet made me to have my period

... and the second packet didnt,so i took 13 red double hormone tablets still no period,does it mean that i am pregnant?

Posted 3 hours 20 minutes ago 0 answers

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Chances of pregnancy?

well we had sex twice this month and my period still haven't came on we used condoms both time and he pulls out wayyyyyy before he ejaculate and ...

Posted 1 day 3 hours ago 1 answer

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Paxil - Taking SSRI as a teenager?

Hi everyone, im a 17 year old male who has been plagued with severe, and I mean severe social anxiety and depression. It became so intense I was not ...

Posted 6 hours ago 0 answers

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How can Cymbalta really help with Depression and can just eating Omega 3 fat help with it too?

So I eat more Salmon then I use to as a kid... but yet I am still dealing with major depression after 9 1/2 months of losing my father whom i was ...

Posted 3 days ago 3 answers

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Oxydone 10mg are they extended release?

Op on 1 side 10 on other side

Posted 1 day 13 hours ago 2 answers

Has anyone else ever gone into anaphylactic shock from taking abilify?

When I was in a psychiatric ward, I took it one night per my doctor and my blood pressure plummeted in the morning so low that my heart stopped. Has ...

Posted 6 hours ago 0 answers

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Is it safe to take tramadol hydrochloride with mirtizapine?

Ive been taking mirtizapine for a year now a friend gave me some tramadol for bad cramps are they safe to take while on the anti depressant?

Posted 1 day 18 hours ago 2 answers

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