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Hypothyroidism - I am curious? Has anyone here been told to go gluten free to treat thyroid or?

... hashimotos? Along side medication of course. My doctor told me people with hypo or hashis must not eat gluten , dairy, soy, or corn . I

Posted 14 hours ago 1 answer

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How much does propranolol help with public speaking?

I have given several speeches in my life with no fear until one day I had a panic attack come up and bite me. This took place in an auditorium ...

Posted 20 hours ago 1 answer

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Hi all- I suffer from MDD and like many of you have tried many AD's. I am on day 9 of pristiq?

Pristiq 50 ... funny that the first 4 days I felt better then dipped again. I know many people ask the same question but how long will it take to get ...

Posted 23 hours ago 1 answer

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How is not taking birth control for a couple of weeks going to affect me?

I'm currently on Apri birth control but because of a health insurance mishap, I won't be able to get my next set until after March 1st. ...

Posted 12 hours ago 1 answer

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What is going on with my anti depressant?

So I've been taking 75mg of Effexor for a month and the first 2 1/2 weeks I felt great and happy but now I feel depressed again. I am crying ...

Posted 1 day 21 hours ago 2 answers

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My husband has been on lexapro for over 9 years. Experienced many of the minor side effects and 18?

... months ago decided he had to leave me after spending 5 weeks in hospital and 35 years of marriage. No one will listen to me but I feel the ...

Posted 1 day 15 hours ago 2 answers

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Is it safe adding Cymbalta to Wellbutrin for anxiety?

I do not have depression but do have bad anxiety issues. I've been on Wellbutrin 300mg for a few months. My anxiety has worsened. My doc has ...

Posted 22 hours ago 1 answer

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What happens when One accidentally injects themselves with Lantus yet they are non-diabetic? And?

... What can be done??

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago 1 answer

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I dont know the difference between hyper/hypo thyroid ..please explain?

okay have had hypothyroid for very long dr tested my levels and the TSH is .25 but my T4Free 17..I was on 200mcgs lowered to 175mcgs ..this ...

Posted 19 hours ago 1 answer

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I need help identifying this pill?

It is orange and round has a 28 on it with a half moon like shape to the upper left of the 28

Posted 1 day 8 hours ago 2 answers

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Quetiapine - On 25mg a day, occasionally 50mg for anxiety and insomnia?

Very worried since reading articles about permanent side effects such as tardive dyskinesia, and other things. As I am a senior, this is even more of ...

Posted 1 hour 6 minutes ago 0 answers

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Brintellix and extreme nausea and diarrhea on low dose?

On the 5th day of taking 5mg Brintellex I had diarrhea and terrible stomach pains. I did not take it today, the 6th day and still feel so sick to my ...

Posted 21 hours ago 1 answer

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I have attempted to register for the scale down program however I am unable to get past the first?

screen that asks personal information has anyone else encountered this problem? I've contacted customer service on two occasions and the problem ...

Posted 1 hour 3 minutes ago 0 answers

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