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Estrace - I use the cream at night and in the morning when I go to the bathroom the entire amount?

... comes out just as it went in. Does anyone else have this problem, am I doing something wrong? Seems like a lot of money going down the toilet!

Posted 4 hours 57 minutes ago 1 answer

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I have been on 100mg of Wellbutrin daily for 5 days and I am like a walking zombie?

Will this get better ? Doctor said to take it for 4 to 5 weeks to feel full effect . I switched to this drug for the energy and weight loss and ...

Posted 2 days 21 hours ago 4 answers

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I have been 14 days without Cymbalta now. I still feel absolutely terrible. Worst at the moment is?

... the terrible mood swings and rage, its cary. My doctor refuses to advise or help except to tell me to go back on them immediately. Can someone ...

Posted 2 days 6 hours ago 3 answers

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Best way to Take Buspar?

Up until now I've only taken SNRIs for anxiety, but did not like side effects so doc wants to try Buspar. What she said and what the pharmacist ...

Posted 15 hours ago 1 answer

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I was on the depo for 3 months got my period for 2 months and on the 3 it didnt come?

I went on the depo for the first time in the middle of may,i got my period for may and june and july. I had unprotective sex and my boyfriend ...

Posted 8 hours ago 1 answer

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Am I pregnant? Or is there just something wrong with me?

So last night I kept waking up with hot and cold flashes then today I had heartburn to the point where I was so uncomfortable I could cry and I ...

Posted 10 hours ago 1 answer

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NuvaRing - Nuva ring fell out for 24 hours?

NuvaRing - I had my Nuva ring for week when it fell out for 24 hours, when I remembered I put it back but I got my period the next day. What do I do? ...

Posted 10 hours ago 1 answer

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Which ssri med helps fatigue and muscle aches??

Posted 17 hours ago 1 answer

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Clomipramine - Is anyone having the problem side effect of an insatiable appetite?

Due to taking clomipramine? I have gained 13 pounds in 2-3 months.I am on 300 mg and it is saving me.

Posted 15 hours ago 1 answer

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Why am I cramping and having discharge?

Hi, I am on combination pill for birth control. I'm usually very consistent with it. At the most, some days I will take it no more than an hour ...

Posted 21 hours ago 1 answer

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