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Will Effexor work again ? How long to wait?

Hello everyone. I'm suffering on a severe depression with anxiety for many years. I tried a lot of medications, but nothing really helped. But ...

Posted 37 minutes ago 0 answers

I've been taking birth control pills for about a month and I missed a few days and I've been having?

... unprotected sex and now I'm 5 days late on my period I haven't ever been late for my period even when I use to be on the same birth ...

Posted 23 hours ago 1 answer

Parkinsons symptons created by taking Lithium?

I was trying to post this topic so instead I am aksing it as a question This is posted in the hope that anyone searching for the words Lithium, ...

Posted 41 minutes ago 0 answers

Is it safe to take Benadryl 24hrs after taking Percocet? I took the Percocet last night to help wit?

Is it safe to take Benadryl 24hrs after taking Percocet? I took the Percocet last night to help with sleeping and pain. Tonight I decide not to take ...

Posted 2 days 10 hours ago 3 answers

Is it safe to take visanne and alesse?

When I was 16 I went for a lapproscopy and discovered that I have re occurring cysts forming in my ovaries. They removed a 5cm cyst at this time. ...

Posted 18 hours ago 1 answer

Had a unprotected sex at the point where she started to use birth control pill nordette for 7 days?

... Its her first time using it and I am kind of worried whether it was ok. She started taking after a day or two of her periods a week ago. Its been ...

Posted 2 hours 28 minutes ago 0 answers

Plan B One-Step - I took plan B 17 hours after having sex the problem was he cummed before but I'm?

... sure it was pre cum maybe so I got scared. But now it's the 6th day after taking it and I have no side effects and no period :/ but my skin ...

Posted 1 hour 52 minutes ago 0 answers

Blue M&M shaped pill - circa 1969?

When I was very young I found a pretty blue M&M candy in the kitchen dust pile my mother was sweeping. I plucked it out thinking it was an ...

Posted 58 minutes ago 0 answers

Xyrem - I'm ready to try it. Where do I order this?

Suffering with narcolepsy for 5+ years. Running out of hope. Went thru all of the Adderalls, Vyvanse, etc. Please help.

Posted 35 minutes ago 0 answers

Rapaflo for urinary stent removal?

I have a 4mm stone in the middle of my kidney. The doctor will go in and get it with a scope so I don't have to try to pass it. I will have a ...

Posted 11 minutes ago 0 answers

Ortho Cyclen - I been on the pill for two months now . the first week was fine.. The second week I?

... started my period and never stop bleeding.. Has anyone had this problem?

Posted 2 hours 12 minutes ago 0 answers

Adapalene - How long does it take for effect/no redness?

I have read that initially with adapalene you experience redness, I was just wondering people's opinion because I go on holiday in exactly 1 ...

Posted 13 minutes ago 0 answers

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