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Klonopin brand?

Few pharmacy told me today that klonopin makes only one manufacture and they stopped. Is it true? I can't take generic. My docor knows it. What should I do now?

Posted 8 Jul 2014 3 answers

Does Lorazepam work better to treat anxiety than Xanax and the same question for Klonopin?

Does Klonopin work better to treat anxiety than Lorazepam and Xanax? Thank you

Posted 12 Dec 2012 2 answers

Is clonopin classified as narcotic?

Posted 20 Oct 2012 5 answers

Klonopin - does this drug help for pain?

Posted 24 Mar 2013 5 answers

Does Klonopin make you real tired?

Posted 29 Aug 2012 4 answers

Which antidepressants are best for not affecting sex drive?

I am considering changing antidepressants. I currently take 300mg of Wellbutrin daily and 2-3 mg of Klonopin. Besides this one, which antidepressants would be best for not wiping out my sex drive? I ...

Posted 23 Mar 2014 3 answers

What should I expect while taking .5mg of Klonopin?

I have real bad anxeity and panic attacks with agoraphobia had this for 12 years but the last 6 mos Ive called 911 over 56 times Ill get the feeling or fear of dyeing losing control wanted to faint ...

Posted 29 Mar 2014 5 answers

Panic Disorder - Does anyone use Xanax and Klonopin to help with panic and anxiety?

I joined this group to seek comments about my wife's dependence on both Xanax and Klonopin, as our Primarey Physician said that both drugs are the same. However when my wife has a panic attack ...

Posted 4 Oct 2014 5 answers

What is Nordiazepam?

Prescribed Klonopin and pissed positive for nordiazepam never heard of it

Posted 14 Sep 2014 1 answer

My doctor has switched me to Klonopin from Xanax, which I've been taking for 20 years-replies?

Thanks for the additional space! I'm not sure why he has made this decision, only to say (without planting a "seed of expectation" - he works this way) that i would be pleasantly ...

Posted 12 Dec 2013 5 answers

Still panicing on lexapro?

Does lexapro work for panic? I've been on it for 2 months now .15 mg for 3 weeks. It seems to have helped some but if I don't take klonopin I wake up panicing. I don't like taking ...

Posted 8 days ago 4 answers

Klopin how is it different the xanax?

Can anyone tell me about this medication I've been on xanax for 14 years and was recently changed to klopin and I'm scared I cannot take antidepressants and wondering how this drug will ...

Posted 8 days ago 3 answers

Major side effects from reducing Klonopin 1mg to .5mg?

I have been on Klonopin 1mg for 10 plus years and now want to reduce it. Wow I didn't know how bad withdrawal would be. Dry mouth, scattered thought, insomnia, heart racing, difficulty ...

Posted 6 days ago 3 answers

Should I be worried about withdrawals with klonopin?

I have been taking 0.5mg of klonopin, not everyday but as needed. I took one this afternoon but haven't had one for about two weeks. I have been prescribed this for only about 3 months and take ...

Posted 7 days ago 3 answers

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