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Has anyone had a false positive urine screen drug test for oxycodone (test was positve for oxy),?

... when they have been off of oxy for over three months, and have only been taking hydrocodone (norco 10/325), for pain for the month and 1/2 prior to the test? (Test came back positve for opiates ...

Posted 19 Feb 2010 1 answer

I have a question regarding urine drug screen tests at pain management offices?

My friend Beth is a chronic pain patient on the fentanyl patch. She went in to her pain management Drs. office yesterday and they now have a system for doing urine screenings. She's fine with ...

Posted 2 Feb 2011 6 answers

Can Celexa give a false positive in a drug test for methamphetimine?

Is it possible for Celexa to give a false positive in a urine drug test for methamphetimine?

Posted 5 Dec 2012 1 answer

Effexor - drug screening?

Does effexor give positive urine samples? And if so what drug does it come up positive for

Posted 28 Aug 2013 1 answer

I recently took 2 home drug tests within 24 hrs apart. Coming up for oxy. I do not take these at all

I dont take pain pills. Ive taken 2 home drug tests and they both showed up for oxy. Can anyone pls help me and tell me why. Im being %100 straight. I just need to know why its showing up. Someone ...

Posted 31 Jan 2015 2 answers

How long does suboxone stay in your system?

I hve to take a drug test to make sure I hve been taking it n I was needing to know how many days its in ur system

Posted 19 Dec 2011 2 answers

Drug Test - Do DWI-drugs charge and being given a blood test show exact pills or group the pills?

I was stopped for texting while driving which I know is wrong but I did it anyway. I was swurving while trying to text and swurved several times within 5 minutes causing someone to call my tags in to ...

Posted 27 Jan 2013 3 answers

I need help. My sister tested positive for methadone in a court ordered drug test. It came back?

... positive in the urine test but not the hair test. She is on the following medications but I can't find a site that tells me if any of these pills can show a false positive for methadone. We ...

Posted 1 Jul 2011 3 answers

Would toradol show up in a drug test?

Posted 4 Sep 2011 1 answer

How doxycycline may affect a urine drug test?

is it possible that doxycycline could cause a urine drug test to come back positive for an illegal drug/controlled substance?

Posted 21 Dec 2010 1 answer

Can the Sudafed and Tylenol Severe Sinus,cause you to prove positive for amphetamines on drug test?

It's the meds you have to sign for at the pharmacy and can only purchase a certain amount in an alotted amount of time.They also contain Dexedrine.

Posted 18 Apr 2013 2 answers

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