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Drug testing?

I was recently on medical leave due to a car accident. The day I returned to work, I was drug tested. After being asked to empty my pockets and my purse, i listed my prescribed medications, which ...

Posted 11 Mar 2014 3 answers

Can grapefruit juice cause pain medications to not show up on a urine drug test?

My husband drinks a lot of grapefruit juice and recently was required to have a urine drug test to make sure he was taking his Lortab, Xanax, Soma & Celexa. When the results came back, they said ...

Posted 22 Feb 2013 2 answers

I need help. My sister tested positive for methadone in a court ordered drug test. It came back?

... positive in the urine test but not the hair test. She is on the following medications but I can't find a site that tells me if any of these pills can show a false positive for methadone. We ...

Posted 1 Jul 2011 3 answers

What can nucynta show in drug testing?

i forgot to report that i had taken valid perscription of nucynta and failed a random drug test.

Posted 31 Jul 2013 1 answer

If I have a drug tests today and took a30 mg adderol tests today around 5 pm please comment?

Will it be detected in a urin screan that's all the atterol I took . It's a panel screan tests is there any hope it won't be found because of the dosage please comment thanks and good ...

Posted 30 Jan 2014 3 answers

Can the ethanol in inhalers cause you to test positive for alcohol in a saliva test?

I am using an inhaler containing ethanol and a nebulizer, can this test positive for alcohol in a saliva drug test? I never thought about it before but it has me very concerned.

Posted 10 Jan 2014 3 answers

Will oxycontin show up on a Hair follicle test 2 months after use?

I relapsed on oxycontin a couple months ago, then realized i didn't want to go through that again, and quit right away. Last week I found out I have to take a hair follicle test- I have very ...

Posted 8 Aug 2010 3 answers

How soon will adderall show up in a drug test?

I am taking a very important exam this coming week and need to focus for it. I used to be prescribed to Adderall up until last year, and still have some of my prescription left that I take in times ...

Posted 16 Jan 2010 3 answers

Using a blood test, how long will Opana ER show up in your system?

I take Oxycodone 30mg & Opana ER 40mg, & today at the Dr.'s office the Opana ER didn't show up on a urine drug test. I have been out of my Opana for about a week due to an ...

Posted 26 Jul 2011 1 answer

I just passed a pre employment urine drug test but now my protein levels were the highest she seen?

i recently took a pre employment urine test for a city job & i passed it, but the nurse said that my protein levels were the highest she has ever saw? now I can't get the job until I get a ...

Posted 20 Jul 2013 2 answers

Will nyquil and robitusin make you hot for meth on a 7 panel drug test on parole?

him nyquil and robitusin chest and cold will he come up hot for meth or any thing else in his ua

Posted 15 Nov 2013 1 answer

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