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Unexplained Weight Gain in Children

That's good, as all of those can contribute to weight gain.

Be sure that your child:

- Gets several servings of fruits and vegetables each day

- Eats whole grains, such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread and pasta

- Drinks water instead of juices or sugary drinks

- Doesn't have more than 24 ounces of milk a day (and doesn't sweeten it!)

- Limits high-fat foods

- Keeps portion sizes reasonable, and doesn't have seconds of meat or carbohydrates (seconds of vegetables and fruits is fine!)

- Has healthy snacks, such as fruit, vegetables, or low-fat yogurt

- Eats regularly (no skipping meals!)

You should make an appointment with your doctor in the next week or so to have your child weighed, measured, and examined. Together you, your doctor, and your child can figure out what is causing the weight gain -- and what to do about it.

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