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Understanding New and Severe Abdominal Pain

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The problems that are most likely to explain your discomfort are constipation, gas, or an irritable bowel.

Because of your young age, one problem that is not as likely to be the cause of your pain is diverticulitis. This diagnosis still needs to be considered, particularly if you are approaching the age of fifty or if you have a history of constipation. Many adults form "diverticuli" as they age, which are hollow tubular bulges that branch from the colon lining like small pockets. These pockets can accumulate bacteria and can cause symptoms much like appendicitis. Between episodes of infection, diverticuli can be asymptomatic, or they may cause pain or brisk bleeding. Without infection, these tubular bulges give you a diagnosis of "diverticulosis." With infection, you have "diverticulitis."


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