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The most common cause of tremors in the hands that decreases with use and increases in certain positions is "essential tremor" (ET), a condition that affects up to 5% of the population. It's thought to develop as a result of abnormal activity in a deep part of the brain, called the brain stem. In one-third of cases, it also affects the head or voice. In most cases, the tremor can be at least partially suppressed and it tends to resolve during sleep. Family members have a similar problem in at least one-half of all cases.

There are other possible causes, however, so there are few other questions.

Do you have a "pill rolling" tremor that started in one hand or arm, occurs at rest, and resolves during sleep? It's called a pill rolling tremor because it looks as though you have a pill between your fingers that you're involuntarily rolling back and forth.

Yes, I do have that kind of tremor.

No, that doesn't sound like me.

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