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Sexual Problems in Men

So far, you've indicated that you don't have diabetes, haven't had pelvic surgery, aren't taking medications associated with retrograde ejaculation, and haven't had spinal cord or nerve injury.

While the cause for your "dry" orgasms is still likely to be retrograde ejaculation, a few other conditions can affect the way your body produces semen. These uncommon causes of reduced semen or "dry" orgasm include

  • damage to the prostate gland or sperm tubules

  • shrinkage or damage to the testicles

  • low testosterone levels.

Talk to your doctor about a medical evaluation to look into these possibilities; her or she may recommend that you see a specialist in male reproductive function (such as a urologist).

Keep in mind that retrograde ejaculation is a harmless problem. Only men who are having fertility problems need to be treated. If you find the condition to be bothersome or the lack of semen interferes with your sexual pleasure, you can talk to your doctor about certain medications (such as the decongestant pseudoephedrine) that may improve your symptoms.


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