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Sexual Problems in Men

Many men will notice that their sex drive (libido) goes up and down over time. They may be less interested in sex when they are tired, distracted, ill, or depressed. Relationship issues can also affect sex drive. Fortunately, sex drive tends to return to normal when these problems go away.

However, some men can experience a lasting decrease in sex drive that they found worrisome or bothersome. Low sex drive itself can also affect a man's relationship with his partner.

In the majority of cases, persistent low sex drive comes from stress or other psychological issues. In some cases, there may be underlying medical conditions, including

  • side effects from medications

  • alcohol or drug use

  • certain hormone problems

  • chronic medical conditions

  • major psychiatric problems including¬†depression and anxiety.

Let's start with medications. A variety of medications can affect sex drive, including drugs used to treat the following conditions

  • heart disease

  • high blood pressure

  • heartburn or ulcers

  • depression and other psychiatric conditions

  • chronic pain

  • certain types of cancer, especially prostate cancer

  • an enlarged prostate gland

  • certain hormonal conditions, including thyroid problems and pituitary tumors.

Are you taking any prescription or non-prescription medications, particularly for one of the conditions listed above?

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