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Rash in Newborns

Almost half of newborns have some flat red or purple spots on the face or neck. Caused by blood vessels that did not grow properly, these vascular birthmarks include salmon patches and port wine stains.

Salmon patches, also called capillary hemangiomas, are commonly found at the nape of the neck ("stork bite"), on the forehead between the eyebrows ("angel's kiss") or on the eyelids. They often are more noticeable with crying or changes in temperature, but usually fade within the first year of life.

Port wine stains are larger patches of purple or dark red skin, usually with well-defined borders. They typically occur on one side of the face or neck and do not go away. Port wine stains are uncommon and in rare cases, are associated with other abnormalities.

You should discuss these spots with your doctor at your baby's next checkup.

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