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Rash in Children

An itchy red rash may be caused by a skin irritation, allergy, or infection.

For example, eczema, which is also called "atopic dermatitis," is an itchy red rash that stays for a long period of time and keeps coming back (chronic). Other rashes can start after coming in contact with something irritating to the skin, such as poison ivy or harsh detergent.

If the rash is raised and looks like welts, it could be hives. Hives can be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Call your doctor to describe the rash and decide whether a visit to the office or any treatments make sense. If your child has hives and any trouble breathing (swelling around the face or mouth, wheezing, whistling or squeaking with breathing), you should call for emergency medical attention.

Call your doctor if the rash bothers your child, if the rash is not getting better or seems to be getting worse.

Click on these links to learn about conditions that may cause red, itchy rashes: scabies and contact dermatitis.

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