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Persistent Knee Swelling

Okay. The reason for this question is that a form of bursitis (called pre-patellar bursitis) can cause knee pain and swelling. Despite the swelling in front of the knee and the pain in the knee area, the problem isn't in the joint at all. Since you report this type of swelling, pre-patellar bursitis is a real possibility. Bursitis of this sort may occur for a number of reasons including trauma (with blood in the bursa), gout (with crystals and fluid in the bursa), and infection (with bacteria and fluid in the bursa). It is important to have this evaluated promptly by your doctor, because infectious bursitis can be serious.

Just a few more questions.

Do you have pain and/or swelling that is worse after walking or that is most prominent at night or at the end of the day?

Yes, it's worse after walking, at night or late in the day.

No, it's not worse after walking or toward the end of the day.

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