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Lumps or Pain Within the Scrotum

See your doctor.

Possible causes of your discomfort include

  • a varicocele - a dilated vein within the scrotum. They are common, occurring in about 15 percent of all men. A varicocele is much more likely to be felt on the left side of the scrotum compared to the right side. They can be associated with an ache in the scrotal area.

  • a hydrocele - a benign collection of fluid within the scrotum, often related to a defect or irritation of the lining in the scrotum or spermatic cord. However, you will almost always see the swelling and if there is any discomfort, it is mild.

  • a pinched nerve.

  • a ligament or muscle strain with pain radiating into the scrotum.

  • a hernia - an opening in the lowest part of the abdominal wall can occur that allows intestine or other abdominal structures to push through into the groin or scrotum. The discomfort is usually higher up toward the groin and there is often a swelling as well.

  • a kidney stone. Usually the pain is severe and comes in waves rather than a steady ache, and back (flank) pain is almost always present.

Your doctor will likely be able to make a diagnosis by examining you. Sometimes, another test such as an ultrasound or a CT scan may be necessary.


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