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Itching Without Rash

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Just to review, here are some of the more common causes of itching without rash covered in this guide:

- Allergic reactions

- Dry skin

- Iron deficiency anemia

- Kidney disease

- Liver disease

- Pregnancy

- Psychological distress

- Thyroid disease

- Water-induced itching (aquagenic pruritus)

If the cause of your itching was not covered here or if your itching doesn't respond to simple treatments (such as moisturizers), be sure to see your doctor for evaluation.


- There are many different causes of itching without rash

- Most people with itching and no rash have a condition that is readily diagnosed and easily treated; however, for some, the cause may remain mysterious

- If the cause of your itching remains uncertain after initial evaluation, some simple tests may be helpful, including a blood count, liver and kidney tests, thyroid screening, chest x-ray, stool testing for blood, and urine analysis; depending on other symptoms and the results of initial evaluation, additional testing may be recommended

- It may be helpful to see a dermatologist if you have persistent itching without an explanation

We hope you feel better soon!

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