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Intestinal Gas Guide

Some people are particularly bothered by the odor of flatus. It may be possible for you to reduce how frequently you pass gas with a foul smell.

Foods that add odor to gas:

Certain foods produce sulfur gas as a digestion byproduct, making gas that is passed particularly odorous. Foods that are known to add odor to gas include pork, other meats, eggs and cauliflower. If the odor of your gas is a problem, you can consider reducing these foods in your diet.

Available products that might limit the odor of gas:

Activated charcoal products (Charcocaps or CharcoAid) and bismuth (Colo-Fresh, Devrom, Diotame, Kaopectate, or Pepto-Bismol) bind to undigested substances and may help to reduce the volume or smell of gas that is passed through the lower intestine. Charcoal and bismuth products may prevent you from absorbing your usual medications from the digestive tract, so you should speak with your doctor or pharmacist prior to using them. Charcoal-based odor absorbers are also marketed in the form of a seat cushion, occasionally named a "flatulence filter."

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