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Leg and foot pain at night is common. It can be a symptom of a serious medical condition, so you should have this symptom evaluated by your doctor.

The most common problem that results in leg pain at night is leg cramps. Leg cramps can be caused by some medical conditions or medicines, but very commonly they are the result of inadequate stretching of the calf muscles during the day.

The most common problem that results in foot pain at night is "peripheral neuropathy." Peripheral neuropathy is caused by nerve injury and is common in diabetics.

A worrisome problem that results in foot pain at night is peripheral vascular disease. Foot pain in this instance is related to the symptom of "claudication," which is pain in the lower limb that occurs with exercise. Foot pain with elevation of the foot, or buttock, leg or foot pain with exercise can be caused by inadequate blood flow to the lower limb due to an artery blockage.

It is also possible for pain in the legs or feet to be caused by a condition known as "restless legs syndrome." Medications are available to reduce symptoms of restless legs syndrome, if this condition is identified.

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