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Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms.


The next possibility we will consider is whether smoking, drugs, or alcohol could be affecting your sleep pattern.

Any substance that affects your level of mental arousal can interrupt your normal sleep pattern. Sleep can be disrupted by the chemical effects of a drug, by a rebound in normal brain chemistry when a drug effect wears off, or in some cases, by drug cravings.

Alcohol is the substance that most frequently interferes with a normal sleep pattern, particularly if you drink an excessive quantity.

If you are a man, regular consumption of more than 14 drinks per week (or more than four drinks in one day) is excessive.

If you are a woman, regular consumption of more than seven drinks per week (or more than three drinks in one day) is excessive. Women absorb alcohol from the digestive tract more efficiently than men do.

Alcohol "night-caps" are particularly disruptive to a sound, full night's sleep.

Do you smoke, use drugs, drink excessive alcohol, or consume alcoholic beverages in the evening?

Yes, I do.

I do not.

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