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Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms.


Usually, insomnia problems that have only been present for a few days or weeks arise from one of two sources.

The first source is a change in your living and sleeping "environment." Your sleep "environment" includes everything that orients your brain to your schedule and conditions your brain to anticipate sleep:

  • your work and eating schedule

  • adjustment to travel, including jet-lag

  • your exercise frequency, duration, and timing during the day

  • noise in your sleeping location

  • light in your sleeping location

  • your bedtime ritual

  • stimulation prior to sleep, such as reading or viewing television

  • a new bed or mattress

  • change in room temperature

  • unpleasant odors in the bedroom.

The second source of short-term insomnia is an increase in emotional stress. This can arise from a stressful life event, relationship difficulties, performance anxiety, work or school stresses, a medical illness, or a mental illness such as depression.

Considering your own situation, which category would you consider the most likely source of your sleep disruption?

A change in sleep "environment."

A recent increase in emotional stress.

Neither category fits me well.

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