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Helping Dry Skin

It is important to avoid excessively hot or long showers and baths. Also, it is really not necessary to scrub your skin or lather and soap every inch of the body every day. Too much scrubbing and lathering of the arms, legs, and body will contribute to increased dryness and skin irritation. It is okay to be a little more vigorous when cleaning under the arms, around the groin and on the bottom of your feet. While bathing, use a moisturizing cleanser.

For the face, use a gentle cleanser. If your skin is sensitive, avoid using any products that contain fragrance. Look for cleansers that are labeled for "sensitive skin." Immediately after cleansing, apply a moisturizer. Using a product that contains both alpha hydroxy acid and sunscreen is helpful in exfoliating the skin and also protecting it from harmful ultraviolet rays. If your face is extremely dry, you may need a thicker cream.

Just one more question about your skin care routine.

Do you wash your hands frequently?

Yes, I wash my hands frequently.

No, I do not wash my hands frequently.

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