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Frequent Urination in Women

Based on your answers, you have frequent urination and a lot comes out each time. However, you have indicated you don't feel thirsty and are not drinking an excessive amount of fluids. That's unusual since thirst is a very primitive and strong sensation when our bodies lose more fluid than we take in.

Your next step might be to measure how much total fluid you drink over a 24-hour period. During the same period, measure how much urine you put out.

Because our bodies lose water through sweat and breathing, most adults drink about 27 ounces more than they make in urine each day. (One quart equals 32 ounces.)

If you are actually putting out higher volumes of urine compared to the amount you are drinking, call your doctor's office for advice and to arrange an appointment.

Here are some causes of persistent higher urine output:

- High blood sugar related to diabetes mellitus

- A high calcium level in the blood (called hypercalcemia)

- Deficiency of a hormone the kidneys need to hold on to water (called diabetes insipidus)

- Kidney disease that damages the ability of the kidneys to maintain proper water balance

- An insatiable desire to drink water even though you may not be thirsty

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