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Symptom Checker

Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms.

Fever in Infants

Fever can sometimes be a sign of a dangerous illness.

Does any of the following describe your baby?

  • He has a high fever (greater than 102 F or 39C).

  • He is very irritable.

  • He is very weak or much sleepier than usual.

  • He has dark red spots on his skin that don't get paler when you press on them.

  • He is having trouble breathing (breathing very quickly, labored breathing, sucking in around his ribs).

  • His skin looks pale or bluish.

  • He is vomiting bloody, black, or green liquid.

  • His stool is bloody or black.

  • He has gone more than six hours without a wet diaper.

  • He is drooling excessively and having a lot of trouble swallowing.

Yes, one of these describes my baby.

No, none of those describe my baby.

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