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Eye Discharge

So, you do not have face or hand swelling, itching or hives, ear pain, weakness of the facial muscles, thick, yellow mucus coming from the eye, a problem with the eyelid, headache, cold symptoms or light sensitivity.

That's good! But because you have none of the more common symptoms associated with an eye discharge, it is difficult to determine its most likely cause.

It's possible that your symptoms are due to allergies or a cold. There are over-the-counter anti-histamine eye drops that can be helpful and, of course, you should try to avoid contact with whatever may be triggering your symptoms, if you can figure out what that is. For example, cigarette smoke, pollen, or recently cut grass triggers an eye discharge in people with allergies. If you aren't sure what to do, describe your symptoms to your doctor or pharmacist to get some advice. Regardless of the cause, if your symptoms do not improve within four weeks contact your doctor; however, you should call sooner if symptoms worsen.

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