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Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms.

Diffuse Muscle Weakness

If your weakness is primarily in the hands and feet, a nerve disease (neuropathy) or neuromuscular disease (a disorder of the nerve-muscle connection) could be to blame.

The most common example of neuropathy causing hand weakness is carpal tunnel syndrome. That's a condition in which a large nerve (called the median nerve) is compressed as it travels through the narrow canal of bones in the wrist. You'll have a chance to read more about carpal tunnel syndrome at the end of this guide.

If you also have weakness in your feet, another type of neuropathy could be to blame. People with diabetes often have neuropathy of the hands and feet that causes numbness, tingling, and, sometimes, weakness. It's important to have your hand and/or foot weakness evaluated for possible neuropathy or neuromuscular disease.

Okay, just a few more questions that we may not have covered yet.

Does your weakness involve the facial muscles, such as a drooping eyelid or inability to make a smile?

Yes, I do have problems like that.

No, the muscles in my face seem to be okay.

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