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Diarrhea in Infants

Babies with diarrhea can become dehydrated quickly when they do not take in enough fluids to replace those liquids that are lost with the diarrhea.

You can tell that your baby may be dehydrated if he

  • is making less urine than usual or has not had a wet diaper in six to eight hours

  • is sleepier than usual (lethargic)

  • is moving about less

  • is eating or feeding less

  • has a fast heart rate

  • has sunken eyes or a sunken soft spot on the head

  • has a dry mouth or tongue

  • has pale, dry skin

  • does not have any tears when crying

  • is losing weight.

Is your baby showing any of these signs of dehydration?

Yes, my baby could be dehydrated.

No, my baby does not seem to be dehydrated.

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