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Constipation in Adults

Since you have pelvic emptying difficulties, laxatives in the form of suppositories might help.

Suppositories are mediations that are inserted directly into the rectum through the anus. They are solid and bullet shaped at room temperature, but they melt when they are warmed in your rectum.

One popular and safe over-the-counter suppository is a "glycerine" suppository. Glycerine is a sweetening ingredient in many candies and when it is used in a suppository it works by drawing water into the rectum, loosening stool and triggering muscle contractions. If glycerine suppositories are ineffective, suppositories containing bisacodyl would be worth trying. These include Dulcolax and other brands.

Laxatives are medicines that accelerate the movement of stool within the colon or rectum. Because you have difficulty moving stool out of your pelvis and rectum, you are more likely to benefit from suppository laxatives than from laxative pills.

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