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Bleeding Between Menstrual Periods

Bleeding between periods can be related to hormone medicines used for birth-control. This kind of bleeding is known as "break-through bleeding" and is commonly seen when you first start using birth control medications or have recently switched to a new brand. If you only recently started using this form of birth control, you may need more time to adjust to the hormone medication in your birth control method.

If you miss doses of birth control pills or vary the time of day that you take each pill, you may experience spotting between your periods. This is particularly true for pills containing low estrogen doses. It is also possible for antibiotics or other medications to interact with birth control hormones, causing breakthrough bleeding.

If your bleeding is from your birth control method, your health care provider may be able to help stop your bleeding between periods by changing your prescription.

Before you blame your birth control medicine for your bleeding between periods, there are a few other possible explanations for you to consider.

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