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Oseltamivir Phosphate Oral Suspension

Last Updated: November 19, 2014
Status: Resolved

Products Affected - Description

Oseltamivir Phosphate Oral Suspension

Reason for the Shortage

  • Genentech had Tamiflu suspension on shortage due to increased demand for the product.
  • Tamiflu capsules are available and are not affected by this backorder.

Available Products

Tamiflu 6 mg/mL oral suspension, Genentech
60 mL bottles (NDC 00004-0822-05)

Estimated Resupply Dates

  • Genentech has Tamiflu 6 mg/mL oral suspension in 60 mL bottles available.
  • Genentech provides instructions for compounding an extemporaneous 6 mg/mL oral suspension from 75 mg capsules if required. A detailed recipe is available in the product prescribing information or online.
  • Genentech also provides instructions for opening capsules and administering with chocolate syrup, corn syrup, caramel syrup, or dissolved light brown sugar in the product labeling available online.

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