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Otic anti-infectives

What are Otic anti-infectives?

Otic anti-infectives are generally available as ear drops and contain anti-infective agents that either have antibacterial or antifungal activity. These agents either kill or inhibit bacterial or fungal growth. They are used to treat bacterial or fungal infections of the ear.

List of Otic anti-infectives:

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ciprofloxacin otic (Pro, More...)
3 reviews
ofloxacin otic (Pro, More...)
1 review
acetic acid / aluminum acetate otic (More...)
0 reviewsAdd rating
acetic acid otic (Pro, More...)
0 reviewsAdd rating
chloramphenicol otic (More...)
0 reviewsAdd rating
m-cresyl acetate otic (More...)
0 reviewsAdd rating