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Reviews for Carac to treat Keratosis

"62 year old blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. Spent 50 years in CA and HI getting sunburned. Now....paying the price. I have used Efudex and Carac cream treatments, both burn like crazy, peeling several layers, and red, red, red. I did my whole face at one time, but had to stop after 18 days applying once a day. Had blisters and bleeding, crying quite a bit. It took two months after stopping the treatment for the pinkness to disappear. Using sf 50 every day now under my makeup. Get lots of compliments on how young my skin looks. :o) Now I am doing my chest. ten days into the treatment with 18 day plan. Not as painful as my face since the skin is thicker. Still very red and starting to peel today. Using ibuprofen."


island gal August 4, 2015

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"Keratosis on my scalp is an ongoing problem...Carac proved to be a great treatment to remove these unsightly pre-cancerous growths...On it for a two week treatment period...No pain, just some small patches of redness...The only problem I have with this medicine is the outrageous cost for a tiny tube. Be certain to wash hands immediately if you apply it that way, or even better use a cue tip."


Retired44 March 27, 2015

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"Was using Efudex which had harsh side effects (redness, sewlling). Doc then switched me to Carac - in same chemical class as Efudex but milder, yet very effective for me."


Skipkeller December 26, 2011

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"I just finished a 14 day usage of Carac, as prescribed by my skin doctor. After the first two days my skin started to turn red, by the 7th it started to flake and the areas that I needed to apply it to ( cheeks, temples and forehead ) turned dark red, like a bad sunburn. Days 8 -14 were the worst as to pain on these areas when showering in lukewarm water or washing from sink bowl, either way I could feel a burning sensation, as well as light bleeding at some areas on the next to last day. Flaking of skin and itchy feeling now that treatment is done. I wonder how long before my skin color returns to normal. Would I do this again? Yes"


Anonymous September 29, 2010

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"Just finished my 4 week course of Carac cream. Here is my advice. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE! I went to Rite-Aide and purchased a large bottle of Vitamin E and ALOE gel moisturizer (nothing with alcohol, which will burn or oil, which is difficult to remove) as well as a bottle of Baby Wash (you know, "no more tears"). Only wash your affected area (mine was face and scalp) with the baby wash (doesn't dry out skin) and once the Carac has been applied, wait about 1/2 hour and begin applying the moisturizer. I used the moisturizer heavily 5 or 6 times per day. It soaked right up and worked great. Felt like a light sun-burn with moderate peeling and when I was done and I healed up in a snap."


pdxbuc August 9, 2010

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"I am on day 14 of using Carac. My face is extremely red, tight, itchy and a little sore, but I've had serious eczema in the past and this isn't nearly as bad as that was. It took about a week to show up on my forehead but then a couple more days they started intensifying on my cheeks, chin and sides of my face. It is a little unsightly but once I explained to people what was going on and that it wasn't permanent or contagious they seemed to relax. I tried Vaseline for moisturizing but that seems too greasy. Products with zinc oxide in them seem to give me relief and protect me from the sun as well. Please do not spend ANY time in the sun when using this. The doctor told me it could permanently make your skin darker in those areas!"


day14 December 29, 2009

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