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Does longterm use of diltiazem CD cause muscle wasting?

my partner is prescribed diltiazen and has been using this medicine for some time. he is otherwise health but has lost a lot of weight

Posted 6 days ago 0 answers

Mixing prescription meds.. Im worried about a friend..?

different doc with each one which made me q?? diltiazem, cilazapril, citalopram, levothyroxine?? wht could b the side effects... is this safe??

Posted 4 Sep 2014 4 answers

Why would dr give you diltiazem 30mg 4 times daily and knowing you take amloipine 10 mg daily?

is it safe to take both medications

Posted 14 Sep 2014 1 answer

Diltiazem cd 240mg for afib. Does it contain a diuretic? I looked it up and cannot find the answer?

My overactive bladder started about the same time I started it. Kinda like the TV commercial where I have to map out all the restrooms. Cannot take anything cause of interactions with inhalers for ...

Posted 5 Sep 2014 1 answer

Does Diltiazem-XR contain gluten?

Posted 27 Aug 2014 0 answers

What is the difference between CD, SR, and ER?

We work in a assisted Living, Our orders have to be exact. The med in question is Diltiazem SR 150mg the label on the package says Diltiazem CD 150mg Can you please explain the difference ? Thank ...

Posted 8 Jul 2014 1 answer

Atrial Fibrillation - just started to take ravatio (sildenafil) for pah. feel tired and kind of?

... not in touch with myself don't know how to explain it. not dizzy or anything just kinda floaty and more short of breath. I also use inhalers for COPD and diltiazem for afib. Ran the meds ...

Posted 1 Jul 2014 0 answers

Symbicort spiriva xarelto diltiazem can any of these meds cause you to have cramping in your neck?

... and shoulder muscles. actual cramping and twitching in my head and neck

Posted 18 Jun 2014 1 answer

How long will it take my body to adjust going of 20 mg of timolol a day?

. I tried a couple of weeks ago and my HR went Sky Hi like in the the 90's at rest and up to 105.My heart Dr wants me to switch to Diltiazem ER because I have COPD and use Advair.and albuterol ...

Posted 4 Jun 2014 1 answer

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