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Is Dilitiazem HCL ER Coated BE 120 CP24 also used in treating tremors?

I have this prescription and it does not have the name of my neurologist as the prescribing doctor. I do not have high blood pressure or any or the other symptoms mentioned in the reason for ...

Posted 23 hours ago 0 answers

I have been told Diltiazem 420mg capsule ER is no longer available?

I have been switched to the tablet version which is 2x as high priced cause my pharmacy says its no longer available

Posted 6 Mar 2015 1 answer

What is the safest antacid to take with diltiazem?

I take 180 diltiazem and have read that Tums Freshers can interact with diltiazem, lessening the effect of the medication.

Posted 17 Jan 2015 1 answer

What happens when you stop taking these all at once DILTIAZEM, CARVEDILOL, ISOSORBRIDE MONONITRATE!?

husband was falling down all the time and they stopped his bp tabs, Aspirin, Enalapril. sent him home and he still kept falling this week they are stopping: DILTIAZEM, CARVEDILOL, ISOSORBRIDE ...

Posted 1 Jan 2015 2 answers

Diltiazem HCL180mg is causing weight gain and distended stomach. I'm concerned?

Am concerned because weight gain has caused the high blood pressure. A foot injury forced me to quit my gym and every blood pressure Rx has caused stomach problems and Diltiazem made me gain weight ...

Posted 22 Dec 2014 1 answer

I weigh 250 lbs and want to loose weight can I use Garcinia and Raspberry Ketone?

I am on Diltiazem HCL 90 mg twice a day and Metroprolol Tartrate 100 mg twice a day and Clonazepam .5 mg 3 times a day, these are for panic attacks and A-Fib.

Posted 28 Dec 2014 1 answer

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