How long does it take for simvastatin to get out of your system and all the side affects leave?

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7 May 2012

According to studies done by the University of California medical schools that confirm French studies done in the 1990s, statin is made from black mold-it helps one person in 10 and harms 3 out of 10 UC Santa barbara just released a study confined to old men with heart and cholestral problems and got these results, the French study thought that these men would be helped with statin. Side effects are often permenent. Muscle damage in lower legs-Achilles damage can happen within 9 months of starting, muscle and tendon damage in hands, kidney and liver damage, type 2 diabetes, memory problems, periphial nerve damage-especially in the calves, olofactory hallucinations, foot and hand cramps, back spasms that come from the right shoulder-that seems to be a constant complaint. Nausea, fatigue, loss of interest in things. The process thats stops cholestral from entering your blood stream-also stops the process of maintaining the kidneys and muscles.


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meyati 7 May 2012

I forgot the black urine and bloody urine. I had really black urine for over 2 months- lab work didn't show blood, but 2 doctors warned me that I'll probably be on dialysis within 5 years because of the black urine. I find ice to help my legs- CoQ 10 also helps with the creepy burning skin on my calves. I went from hiking in the mountains-to my HMO sending a home nurse on Thurs.

meyati 29 May 2012 is a lengthy conversation where many people share their bad experiences and helpful tips. You might want to join it. Statin is in all cholestral control meds-so it's titled Statins-

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