In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

In the US, Oxytocin (oxytocin systemic) is a member of the drug class uterotonic agents and is used to treat Abortion, Labor Induction and Postpartum Bleeding.

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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories


Oxytocic agent

Posterior pituitary hormone

Uterotonic agent

Chemical Name


Foreign Names

Generic Names

  • Oxitocina (OS: DCIT)
  • Oxytocin (OS: JAN, BAN)
  • Oxytocine (OS: DCF)
  • Mipareton (IS)
  • Ocytormone (IS)
  • α-Hypophamine (IS)
  • Oxytan (IS)
  • Pituilobine O (IS)
  • Postlobin O (IS)
  • Oxytocin (PH: BP 2011, JP XV, Ph. Eur. 7, USP 34)
  • Oxytocin Concentrated Solution (PH: BP 2011)
  • Oxytocine (PH: Ph. Eur. 7)
  • Oxytocinum (PH: Ph. Eur. 7)

Brand Names

  • A.A. Oxytocine (veterinary use)
    Ceva, Netherlands
  • Ao Sai Tuo Xing
    Sichuan Meika Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, China
  • Biocytocine (veterinary use)
    Laboratoires Biové, France
  • Butocin (veterinary use)
    Bomac, New Zealand; Bomac Animal Health, Australia
  • Evatocin
    Neon, Philippines
  • Fentocin (veterinary use)
    Virbac, South Africa
  • Hipofisina
    Biol, Argentina
  • Hipracin (veterinary use)
    Hipra, Austria; Laboratorios Hipra, Poland; Nordvacc, Sweden
  • Induxin
    Kalbe, Indonesia; Kalbe Farma, Myanmar
  • Injectio Oxytocini (veterinary use)
    Biowet Pulawy, Poland
  • Intertocin S (veterinary use)
    Intervet, South Africa
  • Intertocine S (veterinary use)
    Intervet, Poland
  • Intertocine (veterinary use)
    Intervet, Austria
  • Intertocine-S (veterinary use)
    Veterinaria, Switzerland
  • Ipofamina (veterinary use)
    Tre I, Italy
  • Izossitocina (veterinary use)
    Izo, Italy
  • Litocin
    Siu Guan, Taiwan
  • Neurofisin (veterinary use)
    Fatro, Italy
  • Nocytocine (veterinary use)
    Qalian, France
  • Obcin
    Oriental Chemical Works, Philippines
  • Ocin
    Opsonin, Bangladesh
  • Ocitocina Biol
    Biol, Argentina
  • Ocitocina Richmond
    Richmond, Argentina
  • Octocin
    L.B.S., Thailand
  • Ocytex (veterinary use)
    Coophavet, France
  • Ocytocine (veterinary use)
    Intervet, France
  • Ocytovem (veterinary use)
    Ceva, France
  • Ocytovet (veterinary use)
    Virbac, France
  • Orasthin
    Hoechst, Ethiopia
  • Ossitocina BIL
    Biologici Italia Labor., Italy
  • Otoxin
    Gland Pharma, Philippines
  • Oxitocina Biosano
    Biosano, Chile
  • Oxitocina Drawer
    Drawer, Argentina
  • Oxitocina Generis
    Generis, Portugal
  • Oxitocina Larjan
    Veinfar, Argentina
  • Oxitocina Sanderson
    Sanderson, Chile
  • Oxitocina
    Billi Farmacêutica, Brazil; Dany, Peru; Roemmers, Venezuela; Sanderson, Peru; Seroterapico, Peru
  • Oxitocinã
    Zentiva, Romania
  • Oxiton
    União, Brazil
  • Oxitone
    Harson, Philippines
  • Oxitopisa
    Pisa, Mexico
  • Oxocin
    Ta Fong, Taiwan
  • Oxtimon
    Rotexmedica, Philippines
  • Oxybro
    Cadila, India
  • Oxyla
    Novell, Indonesia
  • Oxymed
    Medlink, Philippines
  • Oxystar
    Cadila, India
  • Oxyten
    Choongwae, Philippines
  • Oxyto
    Ziska, Bangladesh
  • Oxytocin APP
    APP, United States
  • Oxytocin Baxter
    Baxter Healthcare, United States
  • Oxytocin Bengen (veterinary use)
    WDT, Germany
  • Oxytocin Biofarma
    Biofarma, Georgia
  • Oxytocin Carino
    Carinopharm, Germany
  • Oxytocin Choongwae
    Choong Wae, South Korea
  • Oxytocin Ferring-Leciva
    Ferring, Slovakia; Ferring-Leciva, Czech Republic
  • Oxytocin Gap
    Gap, Greece
  • Oxytocin Graeub (veterinary use)
    aniMedica, Austria
  • Oxytocin Harvest
    Harvest Pharm, China
  • Oxytocin Hexal
    Hexal, Germany
  • Oxytocin Hospira
    Hospira, Canada
  • Oxytocin Injection Fuji
    Fuji Yakuhin, Japan
  • Oxytocin Oriental
    Oriental, Taiwan
  • Oxytocin Pilum
    Pilum Pharma, Sweden
  • Oxytocin Stricker (veterinary use)
    Stricker, Switzerland
  • Oxytocin Synthetic
    Gedeon Richter, Serbia
  • Oxytocin Synth-Richter
    Gedeon Richter, Thailand
  • Oxytocin V (veterinary use)
    Vetpharm, New Zealand
  • Oxytocin Vana (veterinary use)
    Vana, Austria
  • Oxytocin Vétoquinol (veterinary use)
    Vetoquinol, Switzerland
  • Oxytocin
    Choongwae Pharma, Ethiopia; Ferring, Lithuania; Ferring, Romania; Gedeon Richter, Hungary; Gedeon Richter, Russian Federation; Gedeon Richter, Vietnam; Gramse, Israel; Rotexmedica, Israel
  • Oxytocin (veterinary use)
    Albrecht, Germany; Animedic, Germany; Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, United States; CPPharma, Germany; Cross Vetpharm Group, United States; Eurovet, Netherlands; Eurovet Animal Health, Israel; Fort Dodge Animale Health, United States; IVX, United States; Klat, Germany; Vetochas, Germany; Veyx, Germany
  • Oxytocin-20 Gräub (veterinary use)
    Gräub, Switzerland
  • Oxytocine Kela (veterinary use)
    Kela, Belgium
  • Oxytocine S (veterinary use)
    Intervet, Netherlands
  • Oxytocine
    Gedeon Richter, Tunisia
  • Oxytocine (veterinary use)
    Eurovet, Belgium; Eurovet, Luxembourg; V.M.D, Belgium
  • Oxytocin-Grindeks
    Grindeks, Estonia; Grindeks, Georgia; Grindeks, Lithuania; Grindeks, Latvia; Grindex, Poland
  • Oxytocin-Ject (veterinary use)
    Dopharma, Netherlands
  • Oxytocin-Richter
    Gedeon Richter, Bulgaria; Gedeon Richter, Georgia; Gedeon Richter, Lithuania; Gedeon Richter, Poland
  • Oxytocin-Rotexmedica
    Rotexmedica, Germany
  • Oxytocin-S (veterinary use)
    Intervet, United Kingdom
  • Oxytocinum (veterinary use)
    Przedsiebiorstwo Wielobranzowe Vet-Agro, Poland
  • Oxytocyn Sanitar
    Sanitar, Georgia
  • Oxytolin (veterinary use)
    Ceva, Netherlands
  • Oxytolint (veterinary use)
    Lintjeshof, Netherlands
  • Oxyton
    Inga, India
  • Oxytosel (veterinary use)
    Selecta, Germany
  • Pabal
    Ferring, Norway
  • Partovet (veterinary use)
    Divasa Farmavic, Israel
  • Partoxin (veterinary use)
    Pharmaxim, Sweden; Pharmaxim vet, Finland
  • Pitocin
    JHP, United States; Pfizer, Ecuador; Pfizer, India; PMP, Vietnam
  • Pitocina (veterinary use)
    Intervet, Italy
  • Pitogin
    Ethica Industri Farmasi, Indonesia
  • Piton-S
    Organon, Indonesia
  • Pitosol-10 (veterinary use)
    Gräub, Switzerland
  • Pituisan (veterinary use)
    Alfasan, Netherlands
  • Postipofisin (veterinary use)
    AFI, Italy
  • Postuitrin-Fort
    I.E. Ulagay, Turkey
  • PVL Oxytocin (veterinary use)
    IVX, United States
  • Roxipan
    Panpharma-Meinz, Philippines
  • Santocyn
    Caprifarmindo, Indonesia
  • Sintocin (veterinary use)
    Fort Dodge, Italy
  • Synpitan Forte
    Deva, Turkey
  • Synpitan-vet (veterinary use)
    Alvetra u. Werfft, Austria
  • Syntocin (veterinary use)
    Ilium Veterinary Products, Australia
  • Syntocinon
    Alliance, United Kingdom; Biofutura Pharma, Italy; Defiante, Austria; Defiante, Spain; Defiante, Luxembourg; Defiante Farmaceutica, Denmark; MPCA, Belgium; Novartis, Argentina; Novartis, Australia; Novartis, Bangladesh; Novartis, Brazil; Novartis, Switzerland; Novartis, Chile; Novartis, Ethiopia; Novartis, Hong Kong; Novartis, Croatia (Hrvatska); Novartis, Indonesia; Novartis, India; Novartis, Malta; Novartis, Malaysia; Novartis, Netherlands; Novartis, Norway; Novartis, New Zealand; Novartis, Serbia; Novartis, Slovenia; Novartis, Tunisia; Novartis, Venezuela; Novartis, South Africa; Novartis Biosciences, Peru; Novartis Healthcare, Philippines; Sandoz, Mexico; Sigma-tau, Germany; Swedish Orphan, Finland; Swedish Orphan, Iceland; Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Sweden; Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ltd., Ireland
  • Syntometrine (Oxytocin and Ergometrine)
    Alliance, United Kingdom; Alliance, Malta; Novartis, Australia; Novartis, Ireland; Novartis, Malaysia; Novartis, New Zealand; Novartis, South Africa
  • Tocinox
    Geofman, Myanmar; Geofman, Philippines
  • Veracuril
    Fada, Argentina
  • Vetocin
    Vee Excel, Myanmar
  • Vetocin (veterinary use)
    United Vaccines, United States
  • Xitocin
    Cryopharma, Mexico

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DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)

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