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User Reviews for Methimazole

Also known as: Northyx, Tapazole

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Reviews for Methimazole to treat Hyperthyroidism

"I'm taking methimazole for about 4 months and already experienced side effects. I have a very bad burning in my tongue and mouth. My teeth have become very sensitive and I have headaches every day. I told my doctor 2 times about this. He just runs the same tests on me and he finds nothing. I think is this medicine that's making all of this, but he just doesn't listen. I need help cause this side effects are killing me!!!!"


Nagaja September 8, 2015

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"I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism two years ago and an endocrinologist suggested Methimazole. I started on a lower dose and went in for blood work every three months and after about one year of tapering the medication I was taken off. The only side effect I noticed was the weight gain and some very heavy menstrual bleeding which has since resolved. I still have the extra weight but I no longer suffer from palpitations and tremors. This medicine worked well for me and I'm awaiting my tests to see if my thyroid function is still normal."


hawaiigrl (taken for 1 to 2 years) September 22, 2013

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"After being diagnosed with Grave's Disease, my doctor prescribed methimazole to bridge my symptoms until my procedure to "kill" my thyroid. I noticed I no longer had extreme stomach pains and the shaking improved considerably. However, after a month of being on the medication I broke out in itchy, uncontrollable hives. Benadryl didn't even get rid of them. Once I stopped taking methimazole they went away after about 48 hours but the itching was still prevalent. Now my stomach pains are back and the shaking is worse."


Graves Patient March 23, 2013

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"I have Grave's disease with a small node in my thyroid. Five Dr.'s that I went to, as the previous reviewer stated wanted to radiate and kill my thyroid which would require meds for hypothyroid for the rest of my life. I then found an endocrinologist who suggested that the node was small and that a small dosage of this medicine may control it. I was monitored very closely and went into remission after 2 years. After being okay for another 5 years my thyroid went hyper again and I was put back on a dosage of 2.5 mg/1x per day. The node has not changed in dimension or mass. So I am not healed but effectively am under control. I also have a very minor symptom of Graves' ophthalmopathy, which this medicine controls as well."


ShakeNBake (taken for 2 to 5 years) November 26, 2012

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Tapazole (methimazole): "A serious bout of autoimmune hyperthyroidism had me very sick; traditional docs wanted to use RAI, radiation to kill off the thyroid; fortunately I read up on some Japanese and European studies that showed tapazole/methimazole solves the problem without killing the victim-thyroid. I fired the docs, got new ones at a major medical center, and started tapazole therapy. It took a closely monitored, gradually reduced dosing over 10 months, but I got well thanks to this miracle medicine."


healed now (taken for 6 months to 1 year) October 14, 2012

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