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User Reviews for Xylocaine Jelly

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Burns, External 1 reviews 108 medications
Pain 1 reviews 928 medications
Hemorrhoids 0 reviews 149 medications
Anal Itching 0 reviews 224 medications Not rated - Be the first
Anesthesia 0 reviews 129 medications Not rated - Be the first
Pruritus 0 reviews 293 medications Not rated - Be the first
Summary of Xylocaine Jelly reviews 2 reviews 10.0

Reviews for Xylocaine Jelly

Review by Anonymous:

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For Burns, External: This gel works great. I had a 3rd degree burn from a car accident on the inside of my left leg just below the knee cap. It started as a blister most likely (according to paramedics and firefighters) from the radiator hose coming through the fire wall and spewing my leg with hot steam, after a day or 2 in ICU I guess it apparently popped and turned into a 1 inch deep hole in my leg. Which fairly quickly became severely infected. I was scheduled to have the burn debrided and the doctor came in and covered the entire burn with this xylocaine gel. He returns approximately 20 mins later with some lidocaine to inject around and in the burn itself and I didn't feel a thing. Xylocaine did its job and did it well. Definitely use if you have the ability to choose.

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May 26, 2011 12:14 AM

Review by cantusethisnickname:

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For Pain: It's a good pain medication if you have genital herpes. I know they say to take Panadol but it's just not effective enough. This is much better.

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September 21, 2009 10:27 PM

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