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Is Buspar and Zoloft ok to take together ? Is Anyone on this combination ? Drug interaction checker?

... say it a Major drug interaction between these two. My doctor prescribed me Buspar yesterday to take twice a day along with the Zoloft. Any information will be appreciated.

Posted 13 Jan 2012 3 answers

Fear of taking Effexor?

My Dr suggested that I try Effexor since Zoloft had horrible side effects for me. I am very worried about Effexor after reading all these reviews. Has anyone had positive results when taking this for ...

Posted 3 days ago 6 answers

Dr perscribed 50mg tramadol while on 50mg Zoloft. Should I cut Zoloft to 25 mg?

I'm worried about serotonin syndrome so should I take 25 mg Zoloft instead of 50 on days I need to take tramadol? I have torn disc that's acting up.

Posted 27 Jul 2014 8 answers

I have been on paxil, zoloft and now lexapro. Do they all lose their ability after time?

Hi, I was on paxil for 9 years and gained so much weight they took me off. Then I went to Zoloft. I went on that for 1 year and got my anxiety back after one year. They dose was upped to 100; then ...

Posted 16 days ago 3 answers

Severe Anxiety about starting Zoloft/Sertraline?

To Anyone who can offer advice: I am a 37 year old male and have been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety for 3 years now and am on the verge of losing my job as I am avoiding more and more ...

Posted 29 May 2014 11 answers

Fear of taking Zoloft?

I have suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for about 3 years now. In the last month my life had sharply spiraled down hill. I have been out of work for a week and a half and have barely been able ...

Posted 3 Aug 2014 6 answers

I have been taking Clonozepam 1 mg every night to help me sleep but it isn't working anymore?

I don't want to take a higher dose because I am afraid that I will be tired the next day and have a hangover feeling. I have tried Effexor, Lexapro and even Zoloft but nothing seems to help me ...

Posted 3 days ago 2 answers

Should I switch to lexapro or keep increasing my zoloft?

Took zoloft 50mg for 8 yrs with no problems in may I experienced a bad panic attack was increased to 75 which after about 8 weeks was increased to 100 bc of break thru aniexty. It has now been about ...

Posted 9 Aug 2014 5 answers

Do you have to taper off Wellbutrin if only on it for a week?

I started taking wellbutrin a week ago after slowly tapering off zoloft. I really do not like the side effects at all. I also think I am still going through withdrawal from the zoloft. Anyway, I was ...

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago 1 answer

Heart Palpitation, Cortisol Release and left chest pain in the middle of the night?

As I have mentioned on here, I have anxiety that got worse with increase of Zoloft about 3 months ago. I have been out of work since then because of the anxiety. I am off of Zoloft for 6 days now and ...

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

Am I taking too high a dose of wellbutrin sr?

I switched from zoloft (after tapering off for 2 months) to wellbutrin sr (generic) a week ago. I take 150 mg in the morning and today started taking an additional 150 mg 8 hrs later. After taking ...

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

Haven't taken zoloft in 2 months, should I start a low dose??

I slowly stopped zoloft back in June after using it for 6 years. I was taking max dose 200 mg. Started using it after my daughter was born, I had/ have really GAD and depression. I know now that I do ...

Posted 11 days ago 1 answer

Zoloft emitional?

On 25 Mg of Zoloft month an a half, today I all the sudden got extremely emotional, started crying, I'm not that type a person. I feel hopeless, any experience this, or know if I should up dose?

Posted 16 days ago 2 answers

Can I take Valerian and Zoloft?

Posted 7 Aug 2014 3 answers

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