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How do you know if zoloft is working?

2 weeks and 3 days in and feel like it is and isn't working for me. I just can't tell since I haven't gave it a full 4-6 weeks to fully start working. Have no doctor as of now.

Posted 1 Feb 2012 8 answers

3 wks 25Mg Zoloft, last nite sick with anxiety no sleep, input?still adjusting breakthrough anxiety?

Not sure why all the sudden I felt this way, was thinking maybe I need up dose an it's almost like with drawls towards the night cause I need more, or is my body still adjusting, or just break ...

Posted 6 days ago 3 answers

Zoloft weird feeling in head?

Hello all. I took 1 12.5 mg of Zoloft. The next day I had the weirdest feeling. All of a sudden my brain got real hot, I kinda felt like I was going to pass out. I've had such bad anxiety lately ...

Posted 6 days ago 3 answers

My Dr. Changed my script from Zoloft 50mg. To Remeron 30 mg. Now Im so dizzy... no break in between?

In dizzy and disoriented all day and night... I lose my balance... I feel drunk . Is it because I stopped one med. and started the new in one day?

Posted 2 days 17 hours ago 2 answers

Zoloft to CYmbalta?

For 4 weeks I have been on 100mg of Zoloft and 50mg of ZOloft for 2 weeks prior to that. Doctor decided to switch to Cymbalta. I took 50mg of Zoloft on Thursday and havent taken any since. I was ...

Posted 10 days ago 2 answers

Is Buspar and Zoloft ok to take together ? Is Anyone on this combination ? Drug interaction checker?

... say it a Major drug interaction between these two. My doctor prescribed me Buspar yesterday to take twice a day along with the Zoloft. Any information will be appreciated.

Posted 13 Jan 2012 3 answers

How quickley does Zoloft start working?

Posted 7 days ago 1 answer

All too frequent 'urge' to urinate?

I'm a 36/M in relative good physical shape, and this is week two of taking 50mg of (generic) Zoloft. I was on 25mg for one month, but decided to go up a notch after feeling like the 25mg ...

Posted 11 days ago 1 answer

Zoloft with inositol or L-theanine?

Does anyone know or have mixed either inositol or L-theanine with Zoloft, ive heard a lot of different things just wondering if its bad to mix them or good, and what everyones experiences are?

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

I am currently on Abilify and don't feellike t'sworking is Zoloft better for panic attacks?

I have acute panic attacks every day to the point that I can't leave the house to drive unless someone is with me. I start getting nervous the day before I have to be there.

Posted 6 Jul 2014 2 answers

I currently am taking .25 of Xanax and 25mg of Zoloft, per doctor I should be taking 50 mg of zolof?

Should be Taking 50 mg of Zoloft, does anyone know if the side affects return with increase? Just curious!

Posted 18 days ago 2 answers

Last night was day 5 of going up to 25 Mg of Zoloft, had bad breakthrough anxiety, will this pass to

... or get worse, I have to get on a plane tomaro, I'm freaking out,lol

Posted 17 days ago 1 answer

How should I take these medications so I don't have side effects?

How should I take these medications with out having side effects like skipping of the heart. Medication list Levothyroxine in the morning alone.. AT breakfast zoloft 25 mg, Carvedilol 3.125 mg, ...

Posted 27 Jun 2014 2 answers

Panic Disorder - I have been feeling like I am having panic attacks every day and dealing with them?

... with librium. I am also on zoloft as of one month ago. This all started when I went off Cymbalta as my depression wasn't being covered and I have been trying to figure out what is making me ...

Posted 9 Jul 2014 2 answers

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