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I am about to start Zoloft 25 mg and I'm very nervous to take it, any tips?

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2 Apr 2012

relax, you are starting zoloft on a low dose, your doctor believes that this medicine is benefical for you so give it some time to work.It has to get into your system so sit back now and relax you are starting on the lowest dose.

eonblue 9 Apr 2012

thank you so much for a reply. i have actually handled it well and appreciate the support

3 Apr 2012

Uhm I took that too and I stopped taking it because I didn't ever have an appetite to eat. I was like a zombie. But very focused. When I finally got to a higher dosage it was hard to sleep. I have ADD and most of these medications that help do, but the side affects were too much for me to handle

3 Apr 2012

Hello eonblue,
Dont let anyone scare you. This med is mild. Ive bn on it for two years. It works great for me. To some its a great med and to others its horrible. Try it, but dont let it scare you. It takes two weeks to start working. Some people see results in less time. My tip to you is to take it in the morning. It might make you tired or it might not. If I take mine at night, like ive done before, I will not rem sleep. 25 mg is a low dose anyways. Take care

eonblue 9 Apr 2012

thank you so much for a reply. i have actually handled it well and appreciate the support :)

rawboots 9 Apr 2012

No problem. I hope it works out for you.I suggest you friend Pledge. He is very knowledgable. You can ask him personal questions if need be. Take care


3 Apr 2012

Hello eonblue. Your dose is low. You;ll most possibly be going through some side effects. These are common, normal and will ease up the longer you do take Zoloft. it will be close to four weeks time before you 'll be feeling the full tharaputic effects of the drug. Regards, pledge

eonblue 9 Apr 2012

thank you so much for a reply. i have actually handled it well and appreciate the support

lese84 27 Jun 2014

So today is day 4 on the 50Mg Zoloft, last night I ended up going to the er because of the side effects, I was so scared. So my doc says to cut it in half, has anyone tried this an does it get better?


3 Apr 2012

Don't be afraid of something that may help you. This is a small dose. My hubby has taken it for over 8 years, & had to have it increased over time, but it has really helped with his depression. I will give you the link below to read about it. Oh, & it can take 4 to 6 weeks for it to really show if it is going to help you or you need an increase etc... That is why they make the appts. about every 6 weeks... Mary

eonblue 9 Apr 2012

thank you so much for a reply. i have actually handled it well and appreciate the support :D you guys are awesome

Anonymous 10 Apr 2012

You are very welcome!


13 Apr 2012

Don't worry. You are on a VERY low dose, and if you have any side effects, you will know, and get off of it immediately, no harm done! I doubt you will though, because Zoloft is very mild as far as antidepressants are concerned.

23 Feb 2015

I have a question i am very scary to take Zoloft the Dr gave me 50 mg but i have not take it yet and he had gave me 25 mg at first then jump me up to 50 mg he trying put weight on me and increase to eat food lot more b/c it say warning anitdepressants may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts this why i am so scary to take it i took 5 yrs ago and nothing happen i have no suicidal in my family just depression only i just really scary taking it lot people say i should

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