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What side effects happen at each dose of 50,000 units of vitamin D?

I took my first dose of 50,000 units of vitamin (D2) this past Friday night. I was prescribed 50,000 units once a week for 12 weeks. I experience adrenalin rush symptoms along with alittle shakiness ...

Posted 24 Nov 2010 8 answers

Vitamin D Deficiency - Hi, I was recently tested for Vitamin D and my levels are 5 Ng/ml. I have?

... consistent pain in my legs and everyday there is a different part where the pain comes up. I also feel that I am not able to think clearly and concentrate on my work. I have been taking 50,000 IU ...

Posted 18 Oct 2012 4 answers

How long till my Vitamin D supplements make me feel better?

I was just diagnosed with low Vitamin D. I originally went to the doctor because of severe leg, feet, and hand cramps. He did blood work, and it turns out my level is 5.9. I am now on 50,000 iu per ...

Posted 8 Mar 2013 3 answers

Is vitamin D the same as vitamin D3?

Posted 11 May 2010 1 answer

What should my Vitamin D level be in my blood test results?

My Dr. says my Vit. D level is low and I have the blood test results but I don't see it listed. Is it eGFR?

Posted 14 Jan 2013 5 answers

Be Careful taking Vitamin D! If you are sensitive, there are numerous side effects, some quite?

... debilitating. Chest pain, joint pain, insomnia, fatique, itching, depression and much more!!! Please take small doses and work up gradually - and track any changes that are bothersome. Good luck!

Posted 15 Oct 2012 9 answers

Vitamin D Insufficiency - Pain in several joints for a couple of months now?

Turned out according to my lab tests that my vitamin D is low. i've been taking vitamin D supplements, vit C calcium daily plus 15 min sunshine exposure. How long before I start feeling better?

Posted 26 Aug 2009 15 answers

How does Levothyroxine interact w/a multivit. of Calcium (600mg) & 5,000IU of vitamin D?

I had my yearly physical exam about 2 months ago and was told after having blood work, my thyroid levels were low. I was prescribed Levothyroxine. I also took a multivitamin containing 600mg of ...

Posted 20 Mar 2013 3 answers

Vitamin d side effects?

HI I've been diagnosed with slightly low vitamin d deficiency. when I take the low strength tablet about 10ug or 400iu I actually feel less depressed but the only problem is that after a ...

Posted 4 Mar 2015 4 answers

To much vitamin d?

I was suppose take vitamin d pills 50,000 one pill week for 6 weeks miss read I took a pill a day for 6 days feeling fine should I worry

Posted 17 days ago 2 answers

Depo-Provera - I've been on depo for about 4-5 years & since last June I've been team NO depo, due?

I've been on depo for about 4-5 years & since last June I've been team NO depo, due to the Vitamin D lost I've herd it causes. I've also have been scared of infertility & ...

Posted 6 Mar 2015 1 answer

Vitami D 50000 IU?

I'm 17 years old boy and i'm 5'4 inches Some people suggested me to take vitamin D-3 50000 IU for 8 weeks one pill each week then stop it for four months the repeat the same ...

Posted 16 Feb 2015 2 answers


Do anti-convulsants affect vitamin d levels?

Posted 8 Feb 2015 1 answer

Does Vitamin D2 cause acne?

I took 50,000 IU of Vitamin D2 one pill a week for 8 weeks and noticed that my acne slowly started to get worse. I have been off of the pills now for 6 weeks, but my acne is really flaring up. I am a ...

Posted 18 Jan 2015 0 answers

Vitamin D Deficiency - I m vitamin defficient and doctor said I have shin splints in my leg...dnt?

... know what to do n how can i cope with this.does shin splints came becoz of vitamin d deficency

Posted 7 Nov 2014 1 answer

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