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How to treat sore tongue?

I have been on Symbicort aprx. 5 months and my tongue is so sore I cannot eat a lot of foods. Even catsup burns badly. what can I do?

Posted 16 hours ago 2 answers

Does Xopenex exist in a generic form?

For inhalation via nebulizer when I need to get rid of excess fluid, phlegm. I presently use - when necessary - Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution 0.083 %. I alsouse Symbicort 160/4.5 twice daily. ...

Posted 14 Feb 2014 1 answer

Is symbicort intended for long term use?

Posted 31 Jan 2014 1 answer

Can I switch from advair diskus to symbacort?

I am now taking advair diskcus 500/50 which has put me in dougnut hole with blue cross. I can get sybacort through the va. Would it be safe for me to switch?

Posted 28 Dec 2013 1 answer

Does symbicort contain steroids? Has it been known to raise blood sugar?

I have been using Symbicort for several months. During the last 2 to 3 weeks I have had elevated blood sugar levels. I am wondering if the Symbicort has caused this change.

Posted 15 Jan 2014 1 answer

MS symptoms + exhaustion all tied together?

Back in 2002 my right arm went numb and it started traveling down the right side on my body. Back then I had the tingles common with MS, and I also had no coordination of my right hand. I ...

Posted 6 Jan 2014 1 answer

SVT episode for the first time after taking symbicort for less then a week?

Hi, I am 24 years old, I have asthma and dust allergy. I usually play a lot of basketball and workout, and didn't took any medicines regularly from age 16. 6 months ago, I had asthma attack, and ...

Posted 1 Dec 2013 2 answers

Symbicort and qvar?

can you take both at the same time

Posted 5 Nov 2013 0 answers

If not a chest infection?

I am a 31 year old male diagnosed with asthma at age 5. Have been using symbicort 200/6 successfully for approx 5 years. Last week I felt like I was getting a cold, sore throat bit of nasal ...

Posted 22 Oct 2013 2 answers

I have been using Symbicort inhaler for COPD for a couple months?

I always rinse my mouth thoroughly with warm water, as directed, after using the Symbicort, but I still have a BIG problem with dry mouth. My mouth also feels coated with something that feels like an ...

Posted 1 Sep 2013 4 answers

Can you recommend an inhaler that does not use albuterol sulfate?

I am allergic to albuterol sulfate, it causes numbing of my mouth/nose if I use the HFA inhalers more than 3-4 times in a week. I have tried symbicort, seravent, ventolin, proair inhalers as my ...

Posted 24 Jun 2013 1 answer

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