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Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim - can anyone tell if they breakout the first couple weeks?

hi. I am on this sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/160 tabs. my first week ends today. I have gotten too any pimples over this one week. can anyone tell me if it happens to anyone else that it got worse ...

Posted 26 Mar 2014 0 answers

Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim - why do I feel worse w bactrim than the actual mrsa?

I found out on 1/9/14 that I have doctor game bactrim and bactoban and I'm so sick I feel like I'm dying! Joint n muscle pain,nausea,diareaha and so weak I can barely sit up why??

Posted 24 Jan 2014 1 answer

Is there a way to find out if I'm allergic to a medicine before I take it?

i was prescribed this for a UTI. i've never had one before and i've never taken this medication so i looked it up and saw that a lot of people had bad allergic reactions. most didn't ...

Posted 3 May 2011 1 answer

Is bactrim and oral or topical medication?

My 20 month grandson has what was verified to be an abses. Bactrium was prescribed. Went to get it filled and the pharmacist told my daughter that it was a topical cream. After going through this ...

Posted 25 Jan 2011 3 answers

Acne - What do I try next?

If there are any physicians that may come across this questionnaire, i would be very thankful for any feedback.. I am an adolescent, seeking out a cure for my mild/moderate acne. I want something ...

Posted 6 Mar 2011 2 answers

Large rash on my side .. possibly from taking Sulfamethox-TMP or Bactrim ?

I took some antibiotics 3 months ago for a UTI and noticed a bright red, hand-sized rash appear under my left breast area. No bumps - just a smooth red rash that itches mildly sometimes and acts like ...

Posted 22 Jul 2010 2 answers

Can this be used to treat trichomoniasis?

800mg tablets

Posted 6 Nov 2009 1 answer

Can I take this to get rid of a absesed tooth ?

can i take it if i have bad teath to make the swelling ga away ? so can i take smz/tmp ds 800-160 to get rid of my absesed tooth like a quck ficks till i get to a denesta?

Posted 28 Oct 2009 1 answer

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