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7.5 weeks on Zoloft, 4 weeks 50mg and 3.5 100mg is this a blip?

I have been on Zoloft for about 7.5 weeks now. I did 4 weeks on 50mg and the past 3.5 weeks on 100mg. Around 4-5 weeks (UPPED TO 100mg) I was feeling almost "normal". Week 5 started getting ...

Posted 1 Dec 2015 3 answers

Has anyone taken 25mg. to 50mg of Seroquel and gained or lost weight?

My brother takes 450mg a day and gained weight. He takes it for bipolor. I have high anxity and PTSD. I take Prazosin 4mg. at night and it works wonders. While he has bipolor. Been on many things ...

Posted 17 Aug 2012 6 answers

How do you know Zoloft is starting to work?

Was wondering if anyone could share with me what they noticed when zoloft started working for them? Was it small tiny improvements at first or was it a significant difference one day?

Posted 25 Aug 2015 1 answer

Sertraline - Help horrible heart burn from 50mg Zoloft what to do?

Started on 25 mg for 10 days doc uped it 50 mg horrible heartburn and burnt gas how can I cure this?

Posted 7 Jan 2016 2 answers

Lexapro or Wellbutrin?

For the last 8 weeks I have been on Amitriptyline 20 mg, Guanficine 1 mg at night, Buspar 10 mg 3xday for anxiety. I have been taking these meds for 2 months now. Buspar just takes the edge off the ...

Posted 7 days ago 3 answers

Nocturnal Anxiety Attacks?

Reaching out to anyone that has or had nocturnal anxiety attacks or has had them from PTSD. My meds have stopped the night terrors but I continue to wake up every morning from nocturnal panic ...

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Wellbutrin - Anyone experience severe headaches?

I've been taken (150 mg) the generic brand of Wellbutrin for the past week and every day I've had bad headaches. I was hopeful this medication would help with depression, ptsd and anxiety.

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

Anxiety increase zoloft?

I just took my 3rd dose of zoloft 25mg. I have had an increase in my anxiety, is this normal? I'm supposed to increase to 50mg in a few days. Thanks for any help

Posted 2 Jan 2016 2 answers

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - thought I beat ptsd or was getting close. then the fire anniversary

... rolls around and i can'tremember how i ever dealt with this despair. i've been off meds for nine months and made huge happy life changes. now i'm tripping out on losing myself again

Posted 3 Jan 2016 5 answers

How long does it take for Zoloft to work??

Iv been on 50,mg for 2,wks for social anxiety and PTSD. I feel no better! I was also wondering how does doc know what dose to put you on? When and if I feel better will things interest me again? Will ...

Posted 14 Dec 2015 5 answers

Side effects of zoloft?

I am on 50mg of zoloft for my panic attacks and high anxiety issues. I was wondering if anyone else felt very spacey from it? :/I seem to not bad able to focus until 12+ hrs after i take it.

Posted 20 Nov 2015 4 answers

Mirtazapine - 15 mg vs 30 mg, for sleep issues. Which one works better?

Ok so I would like to mention that I have been taking this drug for 2 weeks now, but no improvment on my sleep, I started to feel better some days, increased my apetite which ss a good thing, and I ...

Posted 9 Dec 2015 2 answers

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