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Are there side efects when stopping Namenda xr 28?

the namenda xr 28 are on back order that why he stop taking them

Posted 16 Aug 2014 1 answer

What happens if you accidentally miss two weeks of namenda xr?

My grandfather takes namenda xr 28mg and it was not put in his pill organizer for 2 weeks straight (this was an accident). As soon as we realized that he hadn't had it in 2 weeks, we put it back ...

Posted 1 Jul 2014 1 answer

Does namenda come in a 2mg dose?

Posted 11 Jul 2014 1 answer

Can stopping namenda cause night sweats?

Posted 15 Jan 2014 0 answers

Quitting namenda, can it be stopped safely ?

Does not help and no longer have doctor to consult Patient has frontal temporal atrophy and doctor said that although it was doubtful namenda would help, it would not hurt to try. Been taking about ...

Posted 4 Sep 2013 1 answer

Namenda - Anyone else have unusual heavy bleeding around gums while taking this drug?

I am just finishing my my starter pack. Started taking 5 mg twice a day and now 10 mg twice a day. For the past two weeks in am waking up with heavy bleeding from my mouth. Doc is at a loss as ...

Posted 6 Dec 2013 1 answer

To stop Namenda do you need to stop all at once or slowly?

been on for 2 years have most of side effects wasn't to stop how to stop slowly or all at once taking 10 mg. twice day was put on because told had Parkinson took off Aricept quit falling

Posted 2 Aug 2013 1 answer

If a person is diagnosed with dementia & takes nameda, can it do any harm if not really needed?

My mother has been taking this medication for over a year and helps but have a psycologist that states nothing is wrong with her can the meds do harm.

Posted 13 Sep 2013 2 answers

When prescribed a medication such as Namenda, does the med. become ineffective after 2 yrs?

My mom has been dx. with Alzheimer's and has been on Namenda for more than 5 yrs. Is it true that the medication becomes ineffective after 2 years?

Posted 5 Sep 2013 0 answers

I have found a new off-label med that has greatly helped my migraines. Anyone else tried it?

Or anyone else interested in it? It's called Namenda and is given to Alzheimers patients at a dose of 20 mg. But given off-label for migraines at 5 mg. has provided me significant help. I have ...

Posted 6 Mar 2013 14 answers

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