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Do you have to wait 2 hours between taking Metamucil and taking Tylenol, or is the 2 hour wait time?

Does the 2 hour wait time apply to prescriptions only or other oral medications like Tylenol?

Posted 10 Mar 2015 2 answers

Psyllium - can metamucil cause an orangish redish jelly like substance in stools? I only notice it?

... when I take metamucil? i have a orangish red jelly substance in and through the stool but mostly at the end of the stool. I need to know if this is normal or do I need to get checked out?

Posted 7 Nov 2014 1 answer

Can I use a generic brand of metamucil?

Posted 1 Dec 2014 1 answer

Fiber-Con hardened my stool like a brick. Can I count on Metamucil to soften?

I just want something that will soften my stool, that's all.

Posted 15 Jun 2014 2 answers

Can metamucil be given while also on cholestyramine daily with a feeding tube?

Currently having extreme bouts of very loose stools and diarrhea.

Posted 28 Jul 2014 1 answer


Metamucil with other meds?

I have low potassium due to IBS and high cholesterol. To keep from taking a statin my Dr told me to double metamucil which helps both. I also take nexium, HBP med and xanax (3 times a day)for panic ...

Posted 22 May 2014 1 answer

Metamucil side effects?

Wife has been taking metamucil for a month or more.For about a week or more she has noticed that her stool is plastic like in consistency also her blood pressure is some times down significantly some ...

Posted 1 Jan 2013 1 answer

I started Linzess about this time yesterday and so far a couple of very watery bowel movements?

Nothing today but a little gas, my stomach still hurts and hit hurts to breath. Im also drinking metamucil 1 x per day since yesterday. It seems like every one on here is getting instant relief but ...

Posted 12 Apr 2013 1 answer

Can you take ranitidine and metamucil capsules at same time?

will taking ranitidine and fiber capsules (metamucil) lessen their effect?

Posted 12 Mar 2013 3 answers

Can one take metamucil if having aspiration problems?

A relative will choke and cough for a long while when taking pure liquid or solids (needs Puree). Is there a metamucil that does not form into gel but just powder into liquid so we can add ...

Posted 21 Apr 2013 1 answer

I had 2 teeth pulled yesterday, a few stitches were necessary. I was prescribed oxycodone 5/325 for?

pain. Which does the trick. However Im worried about constipation. Is it ok to drink my usual galss of Metamucil??

Posted 28 Mar 2013 2 answers

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