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Is there anything otc equivalent to prednisone?

My dog was put on prednisone for calcium buildup in her disks. She has run out and I can't afford more rx and blood work. Is there anything ...

Posted 3 hours 9 minutes ago 0 answers

I have been on birth control for 7 months and the last two placebo weeks I have had brown discharge?

The last two placebo weeks i have had brown discharge that lasts about 3-4 days (like my normal periods) and have not really had a period, not like ...

Posted 3 hours 12 minutes ago 0 answers

Zoloft side effect question?

Im wondering how common of a side effect the sexual issues are for women??

Posted 3 hours 29 minutes ago 0 answers

I need to know what this pill is?

Its a small round pill kinda a light pinkish color it has a 9 with a line under it with the #3

Posted 3 hours 38 minutes ago 0 answers

Stomach issues after quitting Effexor?

I weaned off of Effexor and went through terrible withdrawal symptoms for about a week or two. This is the first week that I've been a lot ...

Posted 3 hours 41 minutes ago 0 answers

Amitriptyline - Has anyone expierenced a sexual disfunction?

I have an erectile problem that has accompnied the antidepprersent effect.

Posted 3 hours 46 minutes ago 0 answers

Looking @ Wellbutrin?

Hey guys .. iv tried Lexpro / Valdoxan .. etc .. feeling stuffed all the time & a weak stomach for these ... I prefer to take @ nite (but then I ...

Posted 4 hours 28 minutes ago 0 answers

Tri-Sprintec - I Missed Three Pills I Took All Four Of Them Today Will It Hurt me?

Really Need To Know Will I Be Ok Of I Took All Four Pills I Told My Mother Late On The Refill And When She Got Them She Had To Mail Them To Me Will I ...

Posted 4 hours 29 minutes ago 0 answers

Abilify - Once one first starts taking it, how long before it has an effect? How does one know it?

Once one first starts taking it, how long before it has an effect? How does one know it is having an effect? What is the recommended duration of ...

Posted 4 hours 33 minutes ago 0 answers

Cramping before period while just starting birth control?

I had been off of birth control for a good 6-7 months, and I recently switched to the pill from the Depo shot. Ever since I've started taking ...

Posted 4 hours 41 minutes ago 1 answer

Metronidazole - Fishy scent in underwear/BV??

i've had reoccurring bv a few times in the past and I've been on different meds but I never felt like it worked! Now I'm more confused ...

Posted 4 hours 53 minutes ago 1 answer

White bumps that sting cause?

I have these white bumps around my labia minora (not sure what they are called but I'm told they are normal) & about three of them are ...

Posted 5 hours ago 0 answers

Phentermine - Should you take Water Pills with Phen-Hcl?

Is it safe to take water pills with Phen-Hcl?

Posted 5 hours ago 0 answers

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