Picato - after you use the cream and your skin is dry, can you put a moisture cream on?

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14 May 2012

Hi! I just finished using Picato last night and I am like you very very dry. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow and find out if a moisturizer cream can be used or if it will interrupt the process. I will post her answer here tomorrow night.

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hessel 14 May 2012

thank you, let me know what your doctor recommends, my face is very dry, i stopped the third treatment last Friday. Right now i am not a pretty site.

batterup55 1 Apr 2014

I too finished my treatment (3 stages on the face) as sought a moisturizer. I used Vanicream as it was what the Dermatologist prescribed each time upon completion of chemical peels for AK. I worked great and I used it for a week afterwards at night with great results.

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