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Is severe night sweats a side effect of methotrexate?

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13 Feb 2011

Hi Anonymous, night sweats could be an indication of an infection, as Methotyrexate is an immuno-suppressant. If you develop the symptoms of an infection, eg araised temperature, you should see a doctor as soon as possible, preferably the doctor who prescribed the Methotrexate, with any doctor you need to inform them that you are on Methotrexate, in case you need an appropriate antibiotic, as not all antibiotics can be taken along with Methotrexate. Hope your symptoms resolve soon. best wishes bacterial

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9 Feb 2011

I also had night sweats after starting methotrexate. I am also manapausal so it is hard to say what causes them. I know if I stay away from alcohol, sugars and eat fruits and vegys and drink lots of water, they subside. I have been on it for 6 years. You learn how your body works after awhile. At least until something new pops up.

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18 Feb 2011

I have had a few sweats, however I am 41,sweat easily and live in the south. My dermatologist has started me on mtx and tonight I start round 2. 4 pills a week. I have had some stomach pain,mild, nausea, a few headaches(which I have had prior to mtx) and some food and drink changes, where they taste metallic. I have psoriatic arthritis and one good thing is my elbow pain, and the hot feeling at the elbow have ceased. Thank God. I would contact your doc to be sure and on the safe side, mine has said to call for any questions. Good luck.
PS I am a new member here.

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6 Feb 2011


Night sweats is not listed as a possible side effect of this medication.

I suggest you contact your Dr. tomorrow and let him / her know what you are experiencing.

List of possible side effects for future reference:

Take care.-

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Anonymous 6 Feb 2011

I am sorry I meant to say "HELLO", once again I apologize.-

lady of howard 6 Feb 2011

I have been on methotrexate for a long time and only had nightsweats as a result of hormone shifts due to menopause. I am now on HRT and no more nightsweats. You should check with your healthcare providers as there are diseases that have nightsweats as a symptom.
Take care and be well! Lady of Howard

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