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Is percocet in the morphine family of drugs?

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19 Feb 2010

percocet has oxycodone in it which is a opiate. Morphine is also a opiate, they are two separate opiates. Oxycodone is a little stronger when taken by mouth but morphine is about 1.5 times stronger when given by I.V. ... Hope this clears things up..Dave

P.S. As you probably know, both of these opiates can be highly abused and addictive so be careful and only use them as prescribed... Dave

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teal 19 Feb 2010

hey mpvt:) I was going to say no,only because my doctors told me no,BUT the doctors here are so unwilling to help ppl due to so many of other ppl who have abused them,or more so,selling their meds,so they pee test everyone constantly,and when i bring up that percocet is not working for me anymore,as i've been on them for 2 years,she proceeded to say,they do not stop working,that the system does not get use to them,which i know is crap,i know from calling other doctors,looking it up,et cetera,she told me she doesnt want to put me on anything else because after my surgery,which i have three major back surgeries coming,they will give me methadone or morphine and so if she gives that to me now,then i wont get relief in the hospital from the pain i will be going through after the surgeries.


christineATU 23 Feb 2010

Teal? OMG... they are putting you through the ringer! I am new to this forum. Add me as "friend" if you like. I have been on Percocets and MS Contin. After reading your story, I am grateful that I visit ONLY my surgeon. Oxycodone does build up your resistance to it.

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